Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Where My wizards are at....

I know,  I know its being along time between my last few posts.  Due to family commitments I have not being able to either play wizard,   or just be on line that much recently.  But I am still here!  My life wizard is currently making slow work of Avalon.  My fire wizard is still sadly languishing in Dragonspyre.  I have an ice wizard in Marleybone and a death wizard now in Mooshu.  My death wizard finally managed to save enough gold - ( it only took until Mooshu ) to purchase her first home.  We opted for the Death House,  which is really great,  just running around it is helping to create a spooky vibe just before Halloween.

The Death School House - It can be bought with either gold or crowns!

Pumpkins already for halloween!

Reminds me abit of the house from ' Monster House '

The house has some great bits and pieces including a celler/torture chamber.  A bat that flies past the outside and those two circular windows at the front blink like eyes.  It's so fast I just can't catch it on the screen capture :(
My life wizard has now got her main pet the Storm cat ' Zoe ' on its way to being trained all the way to Epic,  just hoping the last talent slot won't be a let down after all that pet training.
  My life wizard also had a strange moment the other day,  where she actually had too much gold.  Yep, we had reached our limits and had to spend some quickly.  So,  I decided to hatch a new pet, after nearly twenty minutes of being in the hatchery,  without any success,  looking for any pet I didn't yet have and a pet owner who was nice enough to hatch with me.  I began to get very,  very bored and agreed to hatch with a wizard who had an Onyx Shenlong Dragon.  Now I do already have one of these,  however this one had a very high pedigree.  So I decided to go ahead. 

My New Onyx Shenlong Dragon Pet

My new pet pretty good pedigree - fingers crossed for the talents.

Now this hatch went at lightening speed so I didn't get to see the original Onyx Shenlong Dragons talent slots properly.  I know the original sire was a hybrid,  due to its high pedigree.  But as to what talents Duncan may manifest - it should just be fun to find out.
So far I have not being disappointed,  after training ' Duncan ' until he reached teen.  He received the Cloud of bugs ability. 

Cloud of bugs is my'n.  Duncan gives an evil chuckle.

Cloud of bugs is an epic talent,  basically Duncan has the ability to cast ' Locust Swarm ' during a fight.  This is the first time one of my pets has manifested this talent,  and I've not seen another pet do this yet during a fight so am looking forward to this and will try to get some good pictures when it finally happens. 
  Still having some green energy left and a lot of pet snacks,  I managed to press Duncan on with his training until he reached adult and again I was really pleased as he manifested the Unicorn Talent :)

Unicorn certainly a very handy talent.

I will be continue with Duncans pet training as I have no idea what he will manifest next,  I know he stands a good chance of inheriting the spritely talent as Zoe one of his sires has that talent.  It will just be fun to find out. 
Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your quests in the Spiral!