Sunday, 16 October 2011

Well Im back for abit

Hmmm sorry for not posting for so long guys.
The pet farming I had to put everything off... School holidays I loose all my time
Well anyway if your looking for pets Baron Mordecai is there in Triton Avenue and drops blue cat thug and greater imp sadly after nearly 300 battles I have 5 blue cat thugs and no greater imp.
But will persevere as after farming him for abit realised he drops tons of level 45 equipment which even if you do not need sells well in the bizarre.  I now have a tiger mount bought only from the gold from farming him as well as tons of halloween equipment.
 As to what I've being doing loads more after loosing my subscription for abit its painting.  I mentioned it earlier I'm not good yet, but love it , if you want a peek
sorry if its abit darky horror