Saturday, 10 December 2011

Farming For Christmas Gear

I have been farming Lord Nightshade a lot over this past week in the hopes of receiving some Christmas Gear without having to spend any precious crowns. I have heard rumours on the message boards of some of the bosses dropping Christmas pets but these appear to be only rumours. No one appears to have directly received one, rather they know someone who says they have. So no real substantiated proof yet. There does appear however to be a lot more buzz about him dropping bits and pieces of the Santa suit. I have not been lucky enough to earn any of these items yet. I am able to happily confirm that he does drop the Christmas wands, though these are very rare drops. I have managed to pick up the nutcracker wand, the sweet staff, the ornamental paper staff and the candle wand. That’s the good news – the bad news is it took just over 250 battles for him to drop these. So he is dropping Christmas items, just not very often. I just love the nutcracker wand, soo cute.

Candle Wand    

Sweet Staff

The Nut Cracker Wand - Too Cute.

The Ornamental Paper Wand.

What to do with all that Gold?

After failing to acquire any Christmas pets from boss drops ( I am now pretty sure they Christmas pets are not dropped. ) I spent some time at the hatchery hoping to find another wizard with one of the Christmas pets who was willing to hatch with me. Sadly although there were a lot of the new pets at the hatchery, I just kept on coming across babies.  So still no Christmas pets for me :(
After all the Lord Nightshade farming I had quite a surplus of gold and received some great offers from other wizards for hatching with my Storm Cat.  OK he is no run of the mill storm Cat I hatched him up with my Sea Dragon as a result he has some great stats.  Through these recent hatchings I now have a red gobbler - quite a low pedigree pet initially.  But he is really sweet looking so I couldn't resist,  he actually came out with a pedigree that wasn't too bad after hatching.  I am not sure what talents he will produce as I have not trained him yet but am looking forward to finding out.

Isn't he adorable.

The second pet I gained was an Evil Sandman - I am really pleased with this one overall.  This was once a crowns pet that I believe has now been discontinued.  I have trained him to adult,  no outstanding abilities so far,  but no selfish talents either and he came out with a high pedigree so I don't think he will manifest any!  He also has a the sandstorm card at baby which is a great little bonus.  

Thanks to those who hatched with me.  I have not given up on the Christmas drops yet - so watch this space.

Monday, 5 December 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Christmas Is Here At The Spiral Finally   - Yayyyyyyyy

The below blurb is taken from the Ravenwood  Bulletin

 It's beginning to look a lot like Yuletide! Hello, I'm Felix Navidad, and I'll be appearing in the Spiral a few days from now to start off the Yuletide Festival. We hold the Yuletide Festival every year and this year it's going to be spectacular!

There will be decorations in the Wizard City Commons, and I'll be taking up my usual post at the fountain in the Wizard City Shopping District. I have many Yuletide themed items for sale, and you'll find many more will be arriving in the Crown Shop throughout the month of December, so keep checking back for new items!

We'll also be holding a special event later in the month with sales, promotions, giveaways and lots of exciting surprises. 

And he is there now in Olde Town.  He has some great Christmas items as well as the pets the Frostman, the Christmas Elf and the Yuletide spirit.  All items can be picked up with crowns.  I will be undertaking some serious boss farming and will let you know if I pick any of the Christmas goodies up and from who.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

End of Krokotopia, Planting, Crafting and Mistakes...

The End of Krokotopia
Finally my Ice wizard has finished Krokotopia, I had set apart a night to complete Krokopatras dungeon but finished it in about 25 mins. I remember how long it took me the first time I completed it using my Fire Wizard so I am guessing I am improving. Picked up a lot of pink dandelions from drops, but no more pets and nothing outstanding in the way of equipment.   Well Roll on Marleybone.

Krokopatras Demise

Have I got Sand In my Hair?

Gardening, Gnomes, Blue Yarn and Weapons Racks.
Well just a few updates on my gardening progress. I have been beavering away in my garden with my life wizard for a while now and reached the rank of master gardener. Apart from planting my plants and making sure they are next to plants they like I haven’t really done much else for them. So I recently picked up some gnomes knowing they make the plants happier. After this I decided to do a few more things for them. I had heard that Blue Yarn, a drop in Marylebone makes any type of dandelion a lot happier. So having picked up this item awhile ago on my life wizard placed it by them and yes it appeared as a like and the dandelions are growing faster!

Thanks for the wool

After the success of the blue yarn,  I decided to help improve the happiness of my honeysickles.  I had already surrounded them with the plants they like and had read I think on Wiki that they also liked the crafted Weapons rack.  Now I have never crafted anything other than the items specified in my crafting quests,  it was about time I took the initiative and did some I thought.  So I picked up the crafting recipe from Felicia Worthington in Marleybone,  then realised I needed a housing crafting table.  I picked this up from Mooshu at the housing shop.  All ready, to go then - luckily I have been doing lots of farming as the recipe for the weapons rack requires alot of ectoplasm,  44 pieces and a fair bit of scrap iron.  Anyway weapons rack was dutifully crafted and placed by the honeysickes and yipee, it does make them happier.  This has given me the drive to spend alittle more time exploring both the gardening and crafting both of which had been neglected.

Happy Honeysickle :)

Another Huge Mistake By Me - Mutation Spells
I have decided to share my many mistakes and misadventures,  many would keep them to themselves.  But if it helps prevent someone else making the same mistake its worth it.  I have been saving all my gold very carefully on my ice wizard,  I want the ice house and don't want to pay crowns.  So I just have to save 100,000 gold,  it can be done. ( I managed it with my life house ).
However,  I am a great fan of the fire elf spell,  it's great for taking shields off.   Now I know there is an ice elf spell.  Wouldn't it be great if my ice wizard had some of those I thought. I have the Fire Elf spell on my Ice wizard as a result of obtaining the Elven Pendant which gives me the spell card.  I have not paid much attention to them before but am aware of the ' mutate ' treasure cards. I knew there was a mutate elf card, I can just mix this with my fire elf card, it's just what I need I thought. At 800 gold coins each from the Bazaar they are not cheap but I think well worth it in the long run so I spent most my hard earned gold savings on ten of them, yup that’s 8000 gold on the mutate fire to ice elf spell. This all seemed like an excellent idea at the time, but no it was a complete waste of gold and a massive amount of gold at that. I can't use the spell!!!!!! The Fire Elf spell is not a spell I have trained from my schools, its from a treasure item so cant be mixed, just like treasure card spells cant be combined. I really should have thought of this first or just bought one and tried it out so its completely my fault, but I am still gutted.   And so now I know the mutate spells only work on spells you are trained in.
Elven Pendant + Mutate Ice Elf = Stupid mistake
Only 8000 Gold down. Great!!!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

More Giveaways - Yay

First things first a big thankyou to the Friendly Necromancer for the link to the MMORG givewawy on his wizard blog The Friendly Necromancers Wizard Giveaway Link   I picked up a Krokotopian Hammock and a Wyverns Hoard Pack which contained permenant purple fairy wings. Very, very pleased there are still items left so its definitely worth having a look.

Facebook also has another Free Mount Giveaway – The Ostrich Mount.

Attend this Facebook event for a chance to win a Permanent Ostrich Mount! This week we're giving away a Permanent Ostrich Mount for our Weekly Giveaway! Each winner will be given one code that will grant them one Permanent Ostrich Mount that increases travel speed by 40% when equipped.

All you have to do is click the "Join" button on the Event Page, and Friday we will randomly choose 15 lucky attendees to receive a code for the item.

You don't have to be online at the time of the event to be eligible, just click "Join" and those randomly chosen will be sent a Facebook Message on Friday.

Just How Are My Wizards Getting On
I am  progressing slowly but surely through the game. I have reached the last dungeon in Krokotopia with my ice wizard who is now a level 26 and has finally got her blizzard spell. Yay. I am looking forward to finally reaching Marleybone with her and hope to finish Wizard City with my death wizard shortly. Have not made any real progress with my life or fire wizards in Dragonspyre due to concentrating on these lower level ones. Sadly not much else to report. Good luck with the Giveaways.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Chance of a free mount anyone?

New mounts available – Face book chance to win one.

As you may have noticed there are some great new mounts available in the crowns shop. The Hippogriff and the Crokagator. There is a chance to win one of the new mounts on face book.  Good luck everyone. I have attached the link and blurb, remember you can't win if you don't try! Hippogriff Giveaway

Attend this extended Facebook event for a chance to win a new Permanent Hippogriff Mount! This time we're giving away a Permanent Hippogriff Mount for our Weekly Giveaway! Each winner will be given one code that will grant them one Permanent Hippogriff Mount that will increase travel speed by 40% when equipped.

All you have to do is click the "JOIN" button on the Event Page, and MONDAY we will randomly choose 15 lucky attendees to receive a code for the item.

You don't have to be online at the time of the event to be eligible, just click "JOIN" and those randomly chosen will be sent a Facebook Message on MONDAY (note this is an EXTENDED timeframe)
Isn't he sooooo cute!

 Unicorn Finally Shows Up - Nope Not The Statue.

I am beginning to think that my wizards do not have adventures in the world of Wizard 101, rather just a serious of misadventures. And yes it appears to be official,  continuing on from my last post of just when Lady Blackhope will drop her Unicorn Statue. Lady Blackhope no longer drops the Unicorn Statue. Thanks to all who got in touch about this, the Unicorn Statue can now be purchased with crowns/gold in the Crowns shop. It currently costs 7500 gold. Well at least I know. I now no longer have to run down the streets of Unicorn Way hoping no one sees me in my dragonspyre get up and starts sniggering ' What are you doing here, Dragonspyre too hard for you? ' On the theme of Unicorns, there was a visit from one in Unicorn way today. I do love it when they make an appearance.

Unicorn In Unicorn Way Today Ahhhhhh.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Pet feeding and what has happened to the Unicorn Statue?

Pet feeding
It's new and it's here. Are you making use of it yet? Those extra items in your backpack can now be fed to your pets. I have been giving it a go with mixed results.  I have been doing some seriously low level farming of Lady Blackhope in Unicorn way and instead of taking all of the loot back to the bazaar to sell decided to feed a lot of it to my pet with very mixed results. 
Spells, reagents, gold, very little if any pet experience. I tried feeding some of my higher level loot mainly ' level 45 ' items with very similar results. Their does not appear to be a set rule on what you will get. It is just like taking a gamble. If you feed your pet your chosen loot item and just get gold it will not be the same level of gold you would have received if you sold the item at the bazaar. It seems to be roughly about 20% of the value. If,  however you receive reagents or spells their value seems to be usually greater than that of the gold value ( at the bazaar of the item ) . 
As an example the low level loot item Cloak of Calamity can usually be sold for a profit of around 7 gold coins at the bazaar. Upon feeding it to my pet I received 2 gold coins, the next time I fed it to my pet I received a myth shield and an Imp treasure card. 

So you can win or loose, its not a lot of gold you miss out on with these lower level items, I would be abit more nervous about feeding the pet a supply of higher level loot, don't want to loose out on that much gold ! At the moment this method is not something I would recommend to be used to quickly level your pet up as pet experience seems to be quite rarely given. But it definitely is something I'll play around with for a little longer. 

The Unicorn Statue.
What has happened to the Unicorn statue drop? I know that Lady Blackhope used to drop a unicorn statue, my husband picked one up on his death wizard battling her. OK, it was a really long time ago. I decided my life wizards garden could do with some prettying up, a unicorn statue or two would be perfect I thought. Knowing that Lady Blackhope dropped one decided to farm her, it has being going on forever. Nearly two hundred battles now and no statue, I am beginning to think it has been retired as a drop, especially as I have been religiously checking the bazaar and not a whisper of one has been there either. Has it been discontinued? Who knows Lady Blackhope is giving nothing away.

I want a Unicorn statue, sob.
Why oh why wont you drop it, nearly 200 fights now.

Are you going to look for one for me?

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Slow down - The Beetles do what???

Well, Wizard was going well. I had just reached Krokotopia with my Ice Wizard. My Life Wizard was beginning Dragonspyre and my Fire Wizard, well to be honest she has been languishing in Dragonspyre for a while, I will push her forward soon.
When disaster struck in the form of ' Chickenpox '! O.K I did not get chicken pox, my children did. All wizard questing on my behalf had to be put on hold as I dealt with three little sick spotty ones, and as they began to get better they all played wizard, whilst I began to feel strangely run down. I ignored this for a while and just got on with things until the overwhelming realisation overtook me. ' Hang on , I'm feeling really ill here ' followed by the second quick realisation ' Arghhh, my doctors closes over the weekend. ' It was Friday night. When I finally got to see the doctor on Monday it was confirmed I had tonsillitis, my tonsils by this point had turned gross and oozy. Finally, I got my penicillin medicine and could begin to try to get well. By this time, I now had access to wizard but was just feeling too poorly to play.....
Hence my low amounts of news to blog about wizard, things have obviously being happening Harvest Hannah has arrived, the new world Zafaria is now no longer a test realm but live... But other little things have been updated too, or so I believe.
In krokotopia with my Ice Wizard I picked up Zeke's beetle collecting quest, went on to find my first beetle. Now I nearly fell off my chair when the thing wiggled all of its legs at me. I will swear they never used to move and I have no idea when this update occurred, but it really wiggled. I have also launched a new death character, she is going well and is on Triton Avenue and the Smiths are moving now too!!! They seem to be breathing slowly in and out or just sighing now and then, again, either I never noticed before or they are now moving a little too.
                                          Ok You can't see it moving but that beetle is wiggling.

One more little piece of news my ice wizard picked up a pet first go fighting Krokenkahmen I got the inferno cat. Hopefully I will be able to make more progress this week.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Time to Quest With My Ice Wizard - Oh Dear

 And Now Time To Send My Ice Wizard Off On Adventures In The Spiral..... Ooops...

One of my eventual aims of the game is to work one of each type of wizard through the spiral. I currently have a life and fire wizard in Dragonspyre and have one of each type of other wizard set up. I allow my children, to design the way the wizard looks and pick the wizards name. 
Now my children who play on wizard are five and four respectively, I have a younger one he is too little to play wizard,  but does like to watch. The children have their own account and realising that they seemed more than capable of battling and getting around wizard city. I came up with an inspired ( OK evil plan ). I would let my children play on my newly created wizards,  let them do all of my lower level wizard city tasks like travelling around Unicorn way, meeting all the teachers in Ravenwood ( that tour gets a bit dull after the fourth time ) and would take control back over the wizards once they had the lower levels out the way. OK, its a lazy plan but I thought it would work for me. So after checking the other wizards stats, I noticed the ice wizard had reached level seven. ' Ah time to take over, I though to myself '
So after battling my way through Triton Avenue and starting Firecat Alley and winning a few nice furniture items I decided to get back to my dorm room and and arrange my loot.
Bit of a shock there, my dorm room was strangely empty. Empty of everything, not one scrap of furniture remained not even the pots by the door. I checked my ice wizards bank, nope they hadn't put the items in there. 
 Bemused I asked my children, ' Er where has all the stuff gone '
Pulling an angry looking face my eldest explained ' she lost a battle '
' Right you lost a battle, where's all her furniture '
' No she lost a battle, so we put all her stuff in the bin'

 Er Where' s all my furniture

And yes they had indeed trashed all her stuff. Now there is a lesson to be learned here and I fear it's not - If your character loses its not her fault its yours you are the controller.  Rather the lesson is play the game yourself, you can't moan at anyone else if you let them loose on your character.

Finding the Smiths - No Really where are they?
Ah,  back to the good old Wizard City quests.  I remember the finding the smiths quest I thought to myself,  it's going to be a piece of cake.

The quest is picked up from Zeke in the commons. Yes, that bit I remembered, so off I went to find the Smith's.  There are nine in all,  hid in various locations throughout Wizard City and your quest bar will help you by letting you toggle between the areas where you need still need to find the little guys.  Now I have completed this quest a few times but it was a while ago and I when it came down to it I couldn't remember where any of them where.  So I actually had to search for them.... Erghhhh,  thought I could just go and pick them out. Well anyway here's the locations for anyone who wants a pinch of help.

Come on Zeke where are they?

The Commons Smith
You can find him up at the fairgrounds, he is behind two of the tents close to a tree.

The Golem Court Smith.
Go Behind Golem Tower, close to to the Dragons Mouth Cave, right by a tree, again.

The RavenWood Smith.
Go behind the Myth School, close to the way to the Death School. He's close to the back wall by a bench.

The Shopping District Smith.
When you first enter the shopping district there are gaps between some of the buildings. Travel towards Olde Town and go through a gap on the right. Carry on walking through he is at the back by the wall.

The Olde Town Smith.
Find Gloria Krendell, its at the side of a building right by her.

The Unicorn Way Smith.
He is there close to the entrance of the Hedge Maze, as you enter on the left.

The Cyclops Lane Smith.
It's in the area where you have two guards and Nolan Stormgate. Go behind Nolan Stormgate into the grassy islands and stream. The Smith is at the back close to the wall.

The Triton Avenue Smith.
After the middle area of Triton Avenue with Susie Gryphonbone and Duncan Grimwater, you go over a bridge and up. Turn to your left as you are going up and run across the streams to the Smith.

The Firecat Alley Smith.
It's close to the Fireglobe theatre. Look to the right by the large cat statue.

The Colossus Boulevard Smith.
As you are heading to the gobbler palace, in a snowy patch before you reach the palace doors.

So now you've found all the Smiths back to Zeke for a valuble training point!!

My own little bit of good news after all this is my ice wizard has now reached Krokotopia,  she hasn't picked up a pet yet but fingers crossed for her journey through the land of the Kroks.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Halloween is over...did you get your pets?...

Well it's official Spooky Bob has now left the spiral so if you did not complete your Halloween tasks.  I am afraid you will have to wait until next year.

Did I complete my tasks?  Did I get all my desired pets?
Well I'm afraid the simple answer to this is no.  I failed to receive the Black Cat Pet.  ( Dropped by Lord Nightshade during the Halloween season only ).  Now I know I could have given in and simply bought the Black Cat from Spooky Bob using crowns.  But to me that would of defeated the point.  Now,  after what is nearly a year of playing wizard I really enjoy earning my rewards/pets rather than simply buying them.  But hey that's just me!

In the end I battled with Lord Nightshade for nearly two weeks and received tons of stuff,  Many of the items were crowns drops.  I think I have every type of pumpkin mask available, a pirate, pumpkin, a kitty to name but a few.  I did manage to pick up some pets from him. Only one blue banshee,  but I ended up with nine Midnight Sprites!!!.

I did most of the farming with my life wizard I have recently reached Dragonspyre with.  And I am beginning to wonder if one of the draw backs of being a life wizard is a lower percentage of pet drops from battles.  She does seem to receive a large percentage of furniture,  much more than my other high level wizards  but when it comes down to pets she really seems to have drawn the short straw.  Now you may initially disagree and pick me up on the fact that I received nine midnight sprites.  But this was after weeks of battling hundreds of times and during this time I received only one blue banshee.  During this Halloween period I was also battling Baron Mordecai ( temporary Halloween boss ) in order to receive the Blue Cat Thug and The Greater Imp,  now I battled him about five hundred times in all ending up with six blue cat thugs,  but I could not get that Greater Imp.  I decided in the end to switch wizards and on the second battle with my fire wizard I had the Greater Imp. ( Then it was simply a matter of putting it into my shared bank, so my life wizard had the pet. )

 Now it could be simply bad luck over the Halloween period with my attempts at pet farming.  But my life wizard didn't pick up any dropped pets from battles until Mooshu,  my fire wizard had her first one in Krokotopia!!!!  If I get time I will try to look into this further....  But until then I will keep my fire wizard for pet farming.
Hope you all managed to get what you wanted over Halloween.

Still no Black Cat.... but tons of Sprites.....

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Well Im back for abit

Hmmm sorry for not posting for so long guys.
The pet farming I had to put everything off... School holidays I loose all my time
Well anyway if your looking for pets Baron Mordecai is there in Triton Avenue and drops blue cat thug and greater imp sadly after nearly 300 battles I have 5 blue cat thugs and no greater imp.
But will persevere as after farming him for abit realised he drops tons of level 45 equipment which even if you do not need sells well in the bizarre.  I now have a tiger mount bought only from the gold from farming him as well as tons of halloween equipment.
 As to what I've being doing loads more after loosing my subscription for abit its painting.  I mentioned it earlier I'm not good yet, but love it , if you want a peek
sorry if its abit darky horror

Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Pet Addiction Continued...Pet Drops In Krokotopia.

And so continues my journey around wizard 101, trying to collect every pet dropped by the bosses. Good news, Krokotopia is an excellent place to pick up pets from boss drops. Most of the Krokotopia bosses drop the pets at quite a high frequency. ( Comparing it to the frequency that the bosses drop pets in Wizard City, you are three or four times more likely to get a pet from a boss drop in Krokotopia ). The only drawback to farming for pets in Krokotopia is that the bosses who drop the pets are usually dungeon bosses, so it may take awhile to reach them.

Pets Dropped By Bosses - In Krokotopia.
  • Prince Manu Narini- In The Throne Room Of Fire - Drops a Fire Salamander. Prince Manu Narini is a part of a dungeon quest during which you must complete the Serpent Staff, the good news is the boss at the end of this dungeon also drops a pet. It took twelve attempts to get my first fire salamander. I went on to complete the whole dungeon quest a total of twenty five times and ended up with two fire salamanders, so a one in twelve chance appears to be a pretty good indication of your likelihood of picking up the fire Salamander pet.

  • Krokenkahmen- In The Throne Room Of Fire – Drops a Inferno Cat. It took twenty five attempts before he dropped the inferno cat. Krokenkahmen is a wandering boss at the end of the serpent quest so you have to find him before you can fight him. Krokenkahmen has a very good mix of clothing and furniture drops as well as the inferno cat.

  • Crypt Scavenger - In the Djeserit Family Tomb - Drops a Fang Bat. ( Also rumoured to be dropped by Krokopatra ). Quite an easy pet drop for me, it only took about eleven fights before he dropped the Fang Bat.

  • King Shemet Djeserit- In The Djeserit Family Tomb- Drops a Yellow Ghost. OK, well you know how I said the bosses dropped pets at quite a high frequency in Krokotopia, King Shemet Djeserit proved to be the exception to the rule. Just over three hundred fights it took Captain Selfish to drop that yellow ghost. I even began to believe it didn't exist, that it had been discontinued as a pet. Now it could be that I was just really really unlucky with this boss, or the yellow ghost is a very very rare pet.  
  • King Uro Ahnic - In Ahnic Family Tomb - Drops a Life Banshee Well, it happens rarely, but he dropped it on the first fight. Yay for me.
  • Prince Suten Sokkwi - In the Emperors retreat - Drops a Ghoul. Again a very easy pet drop, it only took eight fights. He also drops a spell deck. ( The Pharaohs deck ).

  • Krokhotep – In The Emperors Retreat - Drops a Arctic Serpent. Only Took five attempts, you have to defeat the Sokkwi keymaster first. 

  • The Keeper Of The Fang – The Vault Of Ice – Drops a Krokomummy pet. It took only eight attempts to receive the Krokomummy. The keeper of the fang is the last boss at the end of a dungeon, where you must defeat all the other bosses after each boss is defeated you will be given a puzzle to complete. After completing each rooms puzzle a lock of the final chamber breaks. You have three bosses to beat/puzzles to solve. Two of the puzzles involve lighting obelisks in the correct order, one involves setting the braziers to their correct colour. After the puzzles are solved you will be given access to the room where the Keeper of the Fang resides. She is not a difficult boss to beat, the only annoying thing about farming this boss is I can find no shortcut to the dungeon. All the bosses have to be beaten and the puzzles solved before you are able to fight her. I managed to get the entire dungeon down to about eighteen minutes, which I guess is not that bad. If anyone is aware of a shortcut let me know and I'll pass it on.

  • Kiwu – Karanahn Barracks – Drops a Mander pet. It took fifteen attempts to receive the Mander pet. Kiwu is part of a quest you you have to put a sleeping draft in the guards food. He is a boss that does re-spawn, so after fighting him he will reappear eventually. This does take a while with Kiwu and sometimes you may find yourself arriving at his room to find him not there. Don't worry, just be patient wait closely by, he will eventually appear.
  • Prince Aka Karanahn – Karanahn Barracks. Drops a storm Salamander. I managed to get this Salamander on only my second go. To reach this boss you have to journey through a dungeon defeating three other Kroks before you are given access to the Prince's room.
  • Krokopatra – The Temple Of Storms – Drops a Life Troll. It only took six attempts until she dropped the life troll. Krokopatra is the last big boss in Krokotopia and she is at the end of a long dungeon, where you will have puzzles to solve, bosses to beat and tons of minions to avoid. The good news is that she does re-spawn, so you do not have to complete the whole dungeon over and over again. However, she does not re-spawn all the time. I am not sure of what her re-spawning rules are exactly , or whether there is a glitch in the system letting this happen. The one sure fire way I found to cause a re-spawn was to defeat Krokopatra first, leaving the minion until last. Krokopatra should then re-spawn at the end of the fight. A word of warning, she re-spawns really quickly so be ready or you may be dragged into the next fight unprepared. 
Pets yet to get - Kroktopia
  • Serket Guardian – The tomb of the Beguiler – Drops a Green Cat Thug. The Serket Guardian is a dungeon boss and the tomb of the beguiler is a long, long dungeon. So how do I know he definitely drops a Green Cat Thug and its not just a rumoured pet drop, if I havn't got one yet. My wizard pal I was farming this dungeon with picked up two of these before I lost heart. I have not given up on this pet yet and will one day get my cute Green Cat Thug.
  • Ngozi The Beguiler – The Tomb Of The Beguiler – Rumoured to drop an Inferno Salamander. I have not received this pet yet, will keep on trying for him and keep you posted of my progress.

Again on a side note this is only my experience with these bosses and the rate they drop pets. It does seem to mainly come down to luck. However, the bosses do drop these pets so it is worth persevering.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

And Back Again..... Finally

Well after the families never ending cold....My poor PC was feeling totally left out.  So he decided to join the sick club, however he went totally over the top.   My computer joined us made its own little sick bed, lay down in it and then sadly died!!!!
After lots of my mourning, cussing,  crying,  shouting ' why me,  why us, we were meant to be together.  I went through several stages loss, denial, guilt, acceptance anger... followed by more anger,  abit more denial,  then rage lots of rage.
I tried to find out ways of reviving my poor deceased PC,  I could not abandon my poor little one,  my wizard provider,  my contact with the whole world.  Then I realised it would cost almost the same to fix as a shiny new one on special offer.  So ' hi new computer,  yay'.
After not being online for nearly a month I actually feel like I have being living in a cave,  in the dark,  like a total hermit.  I find out a whole pet thingy on wizard has came and gone!!! Shocking !!!
My characters have been out of action so long I almost had to dust the cobwebs from them and help wipe the sleep out their glazed eyes.
Anyway what did I do with almost a month offline,  after biting away all my nails I realised I needed an alternate hobby and funnily enough went with art.  Not just looking at it either,  actually trying to do some art.  Which when we think about this logically,  in some ways was an obvious choice my partner paints,  my children love painting at school.  Why not give at a go?  On the other hand I cannot remember painting a picture beyond the age of about seven,  I don't know how to draw or paint,  but I went with it and found out I seem to obsessed with painting dragons.  Granted they might not look much like dragons,  but who knows with abit of practice I might just get there.  More importantly I found its actually quite fun to paint.  Will promise to put some of my attempts up soon.  Have been promising to pretty up this blog for a while.  Now I'm back on line I will.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Never Ending Cold

Still ill, urghhhh.  Still I did notice wizard has changed the way it displays crafted items.  There is a little craft icon, next to the object in the display. This has probably been done so wizard fools, like me don't end up selling them down the Bazaar, as previously mentioned.
Still whilst I am not doing much of anything but drink honey and lemon,  the children have been tackling Crab Alley with their wizards.  They absolutely adore Crab Alley,  they love the swimming,  the baddies even the fish that idle by as you play. 
 Now my two children who play on wizard are young, just 4 and 5 and I  feel that I should take this moment to both thank and to apologise to anyone who briefly battles with them.  The oldest is doing quite well with her reading but cannot follow all that's said to her,  so using wizard text chat with her can be an interesting experience. Especially as she has developed an obsession with the text chat phrase ' I like your pet ' she follows/stalks players repeatedly saying this to them.  I have pointed out  that many times the other player does not have a pet and they are probably more than a little confused . However,  trying to suggest that something she is doing may not be the best course of action....  Is for myself not the best course of action,  as she has decided that she can never be wrong. Ever.  The final result is she repeats she repeats ' I like your pet' even more,  determination etched across her face.  Fingers white from gripping the mouse.  A word from the wise,  if you are followed around by a wizard behaving strangely, repeating ' I like your pet ' like a mantra.  Just say ' Thanks ' and quickly change realms. It won't stop.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Loot, Gold and the Bazaar

I promise to post pictures soon as this blog is looking very bare.
However,  today I will not be up to much as I have a stinking cold. My hot water bottle and duvet are both calling out sweetly for me to join them.  If only there was a real life potion I could craft to get me well !

Anyway to the topic in hand, gold.  Gold is the currency of wizard 101,  well apart from crowns.
Crowns are something that you can provide for your wizard ( basically your own hard earned cash ),  gold is something your wizard will provide for him/herself.  Most of your wizards activities result in crowns been earned, fighting bosses, completing quests, gardening even fairground games.  The best way I know of so far,  in increasing you gold levels quickly is farming a boss,  then selling the loot down at the Bazaar in Olde Town.  I pick a boss who usually has something I want, fight him repeatedly until I get what I want, then sell all the extra items dropped.  Apart from purchasing gold with crowns this is the fastest way of increasing you gold levels I know.
I really wish I had known when I first started playing that the best place to sell items was the  Bazaar, unless it is a ' No auction ' item you can usually guarantee the Bazaar is going to pay the best price you can get for it.  By a huge margin as well.  I cringe when I think back to all the items I sold in the shops for only a few pieces of gold.  The bazaar is also a great place to pick up crafting items.  You will not find a ready supply of the rarest ones,  but if you keep checking back you should be able to get some.
A word from someone who has learned some valuable lessons.  Don't become carried away at the Bazaar keep your wits about you. - Stuck on a crafting quest as I was being to lazy to go and look for black lotuses in Mooshu I noticed the ring I was having to craft was available for sale.  So eagerly picked it up for a couple of thousand gold and then ran back to complete what I hoped was the end of my Mooshu crafting task.  Yeah,  I know it was kinda cheating but I thought I might get away with it.  Not so,  Yoshin just proudly ignored me whilst I stood before him with my dodgy ring.  Lesson learned some tasks have to be completed correctly.
Also don't get carried away when selling your loot,  you may end up selling items you want to hold on to.  Once late at night and feeling very tired,  but in desperate need of more gold to purchase pet training snacks,  I sold all my Marleybone constellation gems. It really is easy to do!
Anyway the Bazaar fabulous place - would be much poorer without it.
Now back to the sick bed I go.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

The pet addiction - Wizard City

Well,  I have to start blogging somewhere so I thought I would begin with what is occupying my wizard time alot at the moment.  Pets.  I must come clean right now. Yes, I have a pet addiction.  I am determined to get them all - or as many as possible,  and them breed them up into super pets.
I have obtained most of the pets in Wizard city so here is a list of what I got and where from.

Pets from Quests in Wizard City

  •  A Piggle will be given, I am not sure whether it is on level five or level seven after access has been given to the pet pavilion.  
  • A Blue cyclops is also gifted after helping Penny Dreadful out on her quest A Penny Saved.

Pets Dropped by Bosses - in Wizard City
  • Rattlebones - In Unicorn Way - Drops a Myth Sprite - This seems to be quite an easy drop, it only took about seven fights before I had my first sprite.  I have since picked up a few more and it seems to be a one in nine chance of picking one up from the fight.  
  • Alicane Swiftarrow - In Firecat Alley - Drops a Sprite and a Snow Serpent - I did not have alot of fun battling with Alicane and only picked up the sprite from him. It took nearly seventy fights. Back then that was the most I had had to fight anyone for a pet.  The sprite does appear to be a very rare drop and I was completely fed up of fighting Alicane at the end so I did not keep on battling him for the snow serpent,  knowing of rumours the Snow Serpent was dropped elsewhere. ( It is Prince Gobblestone ). I gave Alicane a welcome farewell.
  • General Akilles - In Cyclops Lane - Drops a Blue Ghost - Again a difficult drop it took nearly sixty fights.  
  • Harvest Lord - In Triton Avenue - Rumoured to drop a Unicorn.  I however had already bought one of these as they were available for a reasonable amount ( I believe just under 550 gold ) from the pet shop.  
  • Lord Nightshade - In The Haunted Cave - Drops a Blue Banshee.  He is also believed to drop a Midnight Sprite but I received a Dark Sprite from him.  It was not a hard drop it only took about 30 fights to get both pets. It is well worth fighting Lord Nightshade as he also drops alot of items only available during holiday periods.  I picked up several wands from him which would only have been available from the holiday seller Pat O'Doyle. ( It was around St Patricks Day ).
  • Bastilla Gravewynd - In Firecat Alley - Rumoured to drop a Dark Sprite - As I already had collected one I did not farm her.
  • Prince Gobblestone - In Colossus Boulevard - Snow Serpent - Took about forty goes before he dropped the pet.  However he is a good boss to go back and fight as he also drops alot of goodies. 
  • Grubb - Sunken City - Drops a Greater Imp and a Blue Cat Thug.  As of yet no luck with these pets.  However this is a long dungeon I have only completed them about ten times to date. ......... 
Well, as an update,  that was with my fire wizard but on my second attempt at the dungeon wth my life  wizard I received the Blue Cat Thug.  
  • * You can collect both of the Grubb dungeon reward pets, the Greater imp and the Blue Cat Thug from Baron Mordecai ( Halloween time boss only ).*  I originally tried with my life wizard but was only receiving the Blue Cat Thug pets and had built up quite a collection of these,  after nearly three weeks I changed my wizard to my fire wizard and received the greater imp on my second battle?

On a side note this was only my experience with the frequency at which certain bosses drop pets - It seems to mainly come down to luck.  However the bosses do drop these pets so if you have a little patience I would recommend trying yours.