Sunday, 15 May 2011

The pet addiction - Wizard City

Well,  I have to start blogging somewhere so I thought I would begin with what is occupying my wizard time alot at the moment.  Pets.  I must come clean right now. Yes, I have a pet addiction.  I am determined to get them all - or as many as possible,  and them breed them up into super pets.
I have obtained most of the pets in Wizard city so here is a list of what I got and where from.

Pets from Quests in Wizard City

  •  A Piggle will be given, I am not sure whether it is on level five or level seven after access has been given to the pet pavilion.  
  • A Blue cyclops is also gifted after helping Penny Dreadful out on her quest A Penny Saved.

Pets Dropped by Bosses - in Wizard City
  • Rattlebones - In Unicorn Way - Drops a Myth Sprite - This seems to be quite an easy drop, it only took about seven fights before I had my first sprite.  I have since picked up a few more and it seems to be a one in nine chance of picking one up from the fight.  
  • Alicane Swiftarrow - In Firecat Alley - Drops a Sprite and a Snow Serpent - I did not have alot of fun battling with Alicane and only picked up the sprite from him. It took nearly seventy fights. Back then that was the most I had had to fight anyone for a pet.  The sprite does appear to be a very rare drop and I was completely fed up of fighting Alicane at the end so I did not keep on battling him for the snow serpent,  knowing of rumours the Snow Serpent was dropped elsewhere. ( It is Prince Gobblestone ). I gave Alicane a welcome farewell.
  • General Akilles - In Cyclops Lane - Drops a Blue Ghost - Again a difficult drop it took nearly sixty fights.  
  • Harvest Lord - In Triton Avenue - Rumoured to drop a Unicorn.  I however had already bought one of these as they were available for a reasonable amount ( I believe just under 550 gold ) from the pet shop.  
  • Lord Nightshade - In The Haunted Cave - Drops a Blue Banshee.  He is also believed to drop a Midnight Sprite but I received a Dark Sprite from him.  It was not a hard drop it only took about 30 fights to get both pets. It is well worth fighting Lord Nightshade as he also drops alot of items only available during holiday periods.  I picked up several wands from him which would only have been available from the holiday seller Pat O'Doyle. ( It was around St Patricks Day ).
  • Bastilla Gravewynd - In Firecat Alley - Rumoured to drop a Dark Sprite - As I already had collected one I did not farm her.
  • Prince Gobblestone - In Colossus Boulevard - Snow Serpent - Took about forty goes before he dropped the pet.  However he is a good boss to go back and fight as he also drops alot of goodies. 
  • Grubb - Sunken City - Drops a Greater Imp and a Blue Cat Thug.  As of yet no luck with these pets.  However this is a long dungeon I have only completed them about ten times to date. ......... 
Well, as an update,  that was with my fire wizard but on my second attempt at the dungeon wth my life  wizard I received the Blue Cat Thug.  
  • * You can collect both of the Grubb dungeon reward pets, the Greater imp and the Blue Cat Thug from Baron Mordecai ( Halloween time boss only ).*  I originally tried with my life wizard but was only receiving the Blue Cat Thug pets and had built up quite a collection of these,  after nearly three weeks I changed my wizard to my fire wizard and received the greater imp on my second battle?

On a side note this was only my experience with the frequency at which certain bosses drop pets - It seems to mainly come down to luck.  However the bosses do drop these pets so if you have a little patience I would recommend trying yours.


    1. Can you do a post like this for all the worlds?

    2. I got a midnight sprite from lord nightshade so the midnight sprite dose exist.

      1. i got it and i got it after battleing 2 times

    3. What about the rumor that I have heard that Nightshade also drops a black cat pet? I too am doing as you are, trying to collect the pets. Is it true or is it just rumor?

    4. Right Ive gotta be honest. I got my black cat of him last year, not sure how many fights, it was at least 30 but I didnt log properly at the time. I am not sure he drops it this year, as I have not done the fights yet. Good luck to you though.

    5. so far i have gotten the midnight sprite from lord nightshade and the snow serpent

    6. You can get a blue cat thug and a greater imp from Baron Mordecai,he is available during the Halloween Event. He is a 2000. I got a blue cat thug from him the first try. Lord Nightshade does drop the Midnight Sprite, I have 2 from him.

    7. i also got from him a midnight sprite but I also got from him a blue banshee :D

    8. I have also gotten a midnight sprite from him but I also got a blue banshee from him :D


    10. blue cat thug from baron you get the quest to fight him on halloween from jack hollow
      lord nightshade used to give blue dragons i think but i doubt and black cats for halloween