Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Never Ending Cold

Still ill, urghhhh.  Still I did notice wizard has changed the way it displays crafted items.  There is a little craft icon, next to the object in the display. This has probably been done so wizard fools, like me don't end up selling them down the Bazaar, as previously mentioned.
Still whilst I am not doing much of anything but drink honey and lemon,  the children have been tackling Crab Alley with their wizards.  They absolutely adore Crab Alley,  they love the swimming,  the baddies even the fish that idle by as you play. 
 Now my two children who play on wizard are young, just 4 and 5 and I  feel that I should take this moment to both thank and to apologise to anyone who briefly battles with them.  The oldest is doing quite well with her reading but cannot follow all that's said to her,  so using wizard text chat with her can be an interesting experience. Especially as she has developed an obsession with the text chat phrase ' I like your pet ' she follows/stalks players repeatedly saying this to them.  I have pointed out  that many times the other player does not have a pet and they are probably more than a little confused . However,  trying to suggest that something she is doing may not be the best course of action....  Is for myself not the best course of action,  as she has decided that she can never be wrong. Ever.  The final result is she repeats she repeats ' I like your pet' even more,  determination etched across her face.  Fingers white from gripping the mouse.  A word from the wise,  if you are followed around by a wizard behaving strangely, repeating ' I like your pet ' like a mantra.  Just say ' Thanks ' and quickly change realms. It won't stop.

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