Thursday, 17 October 2013

Level 75 Minion Quest.

Sometimes you miss/fail to notice a game update and I now realise that this has just happened to me.  Level 75+ minions for all schools I had no idea,  or rather just not paid attention * sigh*.  I hadn't had Halston Balestrom recently ask to see me,  at least I don't think I did,  OK maybe I did but just ignored him!!  But upon journeying to Ravenwood with my life wizard,  there he was with my quest ready and waiting.

A badger minion you say, for my life wizard.  Can't wait.

So I was sent off to Marlybone to look out for The Professor.  OK The DR Who references in this character are huge but fun and pleasing for the avid fans like myself.

 The Professor then sent me off to Crab Alley to find King Thermidor who sent me on to The Tower of Peladon, to seek out the theurgic globe of Peladon

Are you a friend of the DR?

OK,  The Tower of Peladon is not really a tower, it's fairly short.   I faced an Ice boss ' Lord Ague ' with 3000 health then went on to face King Finnegan, a death boss with 6000 health after defeating him I was able to collect the globe.  This is not the end of your quest,  ( it would be a bit short otherwise I guess ) after returning the globe to the Professor.  He then sent me on to Zafaria to meet with Kiliman Copperleaf in the Baobab Library to get directions to the Kasbah of Zanj.

Really I have more to do, Professor I'm surprised at you !

Upon reaching the library, Kiliman Copperleaf informs you that the Kasbah of Zanj is no ordinary place,  nope its another tower!

And guarded by more monsters, shocked!

 Again the towers a little short to be considered a tower your first combat is with Sir Bedevere Lake Ward a life boss 1700 health and a Crimson barb knight storm minion with 1500 health.  Sir Bedevere is actually going to become your minion and is being currently manipulated by the Ruthless Gagool ( your next and last combat ).  The Ruthless Gagool in the next room is a death boss with 6500 health,  she's not that bad as an opponent and upon beating her I collected my prize.

Wheres the minion?
I'm not sure if I was facing the right way,  but there was no big spell reward scene rather just a well done message. Now it was back to the professor in Marlybone.  For the final reward some jellybeans and my new spell.

I have not tested out my new minion yet but am looking foward to seeing what he's all about  I have not played a minion for such a long time now, as my wizard had moved on so much that she actually became a hindrance.  So hopefully this will be a massive as I begin to move on towards Azteca.

If you have not picked up you level 75 minion spell yet there are three requirements.

  1. Being a minimum of level 75
  2. Having completed Crab Alley in Triton Avenue*.
  3. Having completed the quest “The Runedown” which gave you your level 55 spell.
    The spell you need to have as a requirement for this quest is:
    1. Availing Hands for Balance Wizards
    2. Virulent Plague for Death Wizards
    3. Power Link for Fire Wizards
    4. Frozen Armor for Ice Wizards
    5. Brilliant Light for Life Wizards
    6. Talos for Myth Wizards
    7. Insane Bolt for Storm Wizards
You also need to have completed Crab alley as you need to go there for the first part of the questline.

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  1. It's too bad they have such low health (all of the lvl 75 minions)average 1,500 health, they're all a bit different.