Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Halloween Transformation giveaway

Good news, there is another wizard 101 giveaway over at mmorg.  This one is for two one hour temporary transformations.
They will generate a code you just need to enter on the wizard website. The two temporary transformations are randomly selected from the following list
  • Gobbler Transformation
  • Evil Snowman Transformation
  • Fire Elf Transformation
  • Skeleton Transformation
  • Clockwork Golem Transformation
  • Krokomummy Transformation
  • Ninja Pig Transformation
  • Cat Thug Transformation
  • Earth Colossus Transformation
  • Dark Fairy Transformation
  • Draconian Transformation
  • Fire Elemental Transformation
  • Magma Man Transformation
  • War Pig Transformation
  • Rat Thief Transformation
  • Fire Salamander Transformation
  • Skeletal Pirate Transformation
  • Wolf Scout Transformation
  • Wolf Warrior Transformation
  • Cyclops Transformation
  • Minotaur Transformation
I ended up with the gobbler and skeleton transformation.

All ready for trick or treating?

The giveaway has got limited numbers,  so quick get on over,  yes you do have to join their site,  but I think its a small price to pay :)   The giveaway isn't massive but does provide some free Halloween fun. In case you missed the 1st link to the giveaway here is another. mmorg wizard Halloween giveaway

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