Thursday, 26 March 2015

Easter Fish And The Return Of The Wanderer

Well apologies for my long, long absence from the blog,  my home computer died, not dramatically overnight.  It actually died a long slow drawn out death where, its functionality was slowly eroded over the period of nearly a year, Wizard was the first to go,  then other games, until eventually last week I was left with nothing.  The trouble with the way it went, was it still worked fine for all the things I needed it for work wise and I just could not justify sinking the family finances just so I could play a game.  I could play the game on our family lap top, but it was really choppy and laggy, so I really left Wizard mostly alone,  yes for nearly a year! Shocking. 

  There was a silver lining to the cloud, that was no wizard for a year, for me.  Returning to the game was such fun,  there had been some great updates. Firstly am totally loving the fishing,    I caught some great seasonal fish today,

The black Eggshellfish was the first seasonal fish I caught,  I was actually trying to catch a catfish from The Commons pool,  and even though this cutie is a death fish,  I caught him using the fire lure.  He was a small fish, and quite fast moving compared to the others in the Commons pool.

And the second catch of today was the Springfish, a storm seasonal fish, caught in Northguard and even though he is a storm fish,  he was caught using the life lure.  Maybe these seasonal fish are easy to catch on any lure/ or rather not too lure specific, or just confused, who knows?

Anyway I'm back yay, here to stay, yay, well fingers crossed, this PC stays fully operational.


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