Thursday, 26 March 2015

Easter Fish And The Return Of The Wanderer

Well apologies for my long, long absence from the blog,  my home computer died, not dramatically overnight.  It actually died a long slow drawn out death where, its functionality was slowly eroded over the period of nearly a year, Wizard was the first to go,  then other games, until eventually last week I was left with nothing.  The trouble with the way it went, was it still worked fine for all the things I needed it for work wise and I just could not justify sinking the family finances just so I could play a game.  I could play the game on our family lap top, but it was really choppy and laggy, so I really left Wizard mostly alone,  yes for nearly a year! Shocking. 

  There was a silver lining to the cloud, that was no wizard for a year, for me.  Returning to the game was such fun,  there had been some great updates. Firstly am totally loving the fishing,    I caught some great seasonal fish today,

The black Eggshellfish was the first seasonal fish I caught,  I was actually trying to catch a catfish from The Commons pool,  and even though this cutie is a death fish,  I caught him using the fire lure.  He was a small fish, and quite fast moving compared to the others in the Commons pool.

And the second catch of today was the Springfish, a storm seasonal fish, caught in Northguard and even though he is a storm fish,  he was caught using the life lure.  Maybe these seasonal fish are easy to catch on any lure/ or rather not too lure specific, or just confused, who knows?

Anyway I'm back yay, here to stay, yay, well fingers crossed, this PC stays fully operational.


Sunday, 26 January 2014

Its Crushing Time, Thats Spike The Crusher!

After some lengthy farming in Marleybone,  I thought I'd put up my results.  Firstly I will concentrate on Spike the Crusher.  He is an optional boss in Big Ben the final dungeon of Marleybone. He is a fire boss and has a 3500 health.  If you choose to fight him spill the three milk bottles found throughout the dungeon ( on floors 6,  10 and 13 ).  He won't appear unless you do this,  his a cat who really love his milk!! 
You can battle him with his two potbelly minions ( Storm, 575 Health ).  Or leave the last bottle of milk,  go through to the next room defeat the two pot bellies then go back and spill the milk to face him alone. After defeating Spike you will be awarded a badge the ' Crusher Crusher ' which is a nice bonus.  
The good news is he does drop a pet!  The white rat magician,  he doesn't drop lots in the way of furniture unless you really like milk bottles  ( I am quite partial to the rarer, Crushers milk bottle ),  in fact the empty milk cartons housing item was one of his most frequent drops.   ( The most dropped item was the pet snack square watermelon ). He also dropped some crowns boots,  the Striders of the Verge.

Spike getting ready to crush!
Here are a few of spikes more choice drops.

The white rat magician pet

White rat magician, great drop!

Spike's Amulet Of Smiting

Spikes Robe of the phoenix

Crushers dexterous shoes.

Spikes boots of diplomacy

Spikes Mechanical Visor

Spikes Icicle-Spiked Hat

A quick summary of Spike the crushers drops follows;

For those who want to know every item that Spike the Crusher dropped and how many times, the data is below;

Shamans hat - 2
Crushers hat - 7
Crushers mysterious cap - 5
Spikes mechanical visor - 5
Brisk cap - 1
Exclusive cap - 1
Silent canine cowl - 1
Spikes icicle-spiked hat - 4
Cap of the inventor - 1
Cat burglars cap - 1
Superstitious canine cowl - 1

Spikes vestment of history - 9
Polished garments - 4
Crushers winter vestment - 6
Vestment of the sun - 2
Spikes robe of the phoenix - 7
Vest of predominance - 3
Alluring robes - 2
Felines invigorating robe - 1
Crushers deathly robe - 8
Dexterous vest - 2
Robe of ideals - 1
Garment of the supreme - 1
Robe of the bubble - 1
Artificial robe - 2
Tunic of the clever - 1
Marvellous shroud - 1
Savvy vestment - 1

Spikes boots of excellence - 7
Shoes of the devoted - 2
Slippers of predominance - 3
Exquisite slippers - 4
Crushers dexterous shoes - 7
Exacting boots - 2
Striders of the verge ( Crowns ) - 1
Slippers of the worrier - 3
Opportunists sandals - 1
Shoes of sentiments - 1
Shoes of the chimera - 1
Magnificent boots - 2
Shoes of preference - 2
Shoes of the windless - 2
Spikes boots of diplomacy - 4
Remarkable sandals - 2
Admirable shoes - 1

Agents Kris - 1
Informants dirk - 1
Watchman's athame - 1

Mechanical ring - 1

Spell Decks
Deck of chivalry - 2

Spikes amulets of smiting - 4

White rat magician - 5

Milk carton - 5
Empty milk cartons - 11
Crushers milk bottle - 2

Leather straps - 11
Bronze gear - 17

Pet snacks
Stinky cheese - 6
Square watermelon - 12
Wheat cracker - 3
Medium fish - 8
Redskin peanut - 8
Gummy bloodbat - 3
Caramel popcorn - 7

Treasure cards
Cyclops - 1
Fire trap - 1
Dryad - 1

As I usually say even after my standard 100 fights, its still too few to say that this is a definitive list of every item dropped by Spike the Crusher or to ascertain an overall percentage for the drop rate of an item.   Though he does seems to drop pets at a higher than standard boss rate.  However, I think it definitely highlights what you are likely to get as well as a few more choice items you may want to work at getting. ( Just remember the guys at wizard can add and remove items from the game ) If you really want to go into the 100 battle drops any further I have the fight number and tally of items received below.
  1. Redskin peanut,  milk carton.
  2. Cat burglars cap,  caramel popcorn,  crushers hat.
  3. Square watermelon,  bronze gear,  crushers hat.
  4. Tunic of the clever,  square watermelon,  spikes vestment of history.
  5. Dryad TC, Spikes boots of diplomacy.
  6. Medium fish,  White rat magician ( pet ), gummy bloodbat.
  7. Spikes boots of excellence,  leather straps
  8. Shoes of preference,  marvellous shroud,  spikes icicle spiked hat.
  9. Vest of predominance,  white rat magician ( pet )
  10. Redskin peanut,  Redskin peanut,  empty milk cartons.
  11. Caramel popcorn,  spikes robes of the phoenix.
  12. Crushers dexterous shoes,  bronze gear.
  13. square watermelon,  spikes icicle spiked hat,  leather straps.
  14. Spikes mechanical visor.
  15. Empty milk cartons,  shoes of the windless.
  16. High quality cloak,  spikes icicle spiked hat
  17. Stinky cheese,  garment of the supreme,  spikes icicle spiked hat.
  18. Bronze gear,  spikes boots of excellence.
  19. Superstitious canine cowl,  informants dirk, empty milk cartons.
  20. Caramel popcorn, watchman's athame,  empty milk cartons.
  21. Spikes boots of diplomacy.
  22.  Caramel popcorn, crushers deathly robes.
  23. Savvy vestment, Crushers dexterous shoes.
  24. Spikes boots of excellence.
  25. Square watermelon,  exacting boots, Spikes boots of diplomacy.
  26. Spikes amulet of smiting.
  27. Artificial robe, medium fish, artificial robe, remarkable sandals, spikes robe of the phoenix, leather straps.  ( Yes he dropped the artificial robe twice )
  28. Admirable shoes, fire trap TC, Crushers hat
  29. Medium fish, mechanical ring, Crushers deadly robe
  30. Gummy Bloodbat, Spikes robe of the phoenix
  31. Deck of chivalry, slippers of the worrier, redskin peanut,leather straps, empty milk cartons
  32. Robe of the bubble, leather straps, remarkable sandals, Crushers dexterous shoes
  33. Spikes boots of excellence 
  34. White rat magician
  35. Shamans hat, Crushers deadly robe
  36. Spikes amulet of smiting, bronze gear, stinky cheese, redskin peanut
  37. Exquisite slippers, Crusher deadly robe
  38. Redskin peanut, Spikes mechanical visor, leather straps
  39. Vest of predominance,  empty milk cartons. 
  40. Magnificent boots, slippers of the worrier, spikes boots of diplomacy
  41. Spikes boots of excellence
  42. Crushers deathly robe , square watermelon, cap of the inventor
  43. Spikes mechanical visor, robe of ideals, bronze gear, garment of the supreme
  44. Stinky cheese, dexterous vest, crushers deathly robe
  45. Spikes robes of the phoenix
  46. Crushers milk bottle, alluring robes, bronze gear
  47. Nothing
  48. Crushers winter vestment, bronze gear, shoes of the windless, bronze gear
  49. Dexterous vest, Crushers deathly robe
  50. Polished garments, Crushers mysterious cap, shoes of preference
  51. Square watermelon,  Crushers dexterous shoes
  52. Stinky cheese, Bronze gear, Exquisite slippers, Spikes robe of the phoenix, square watermelon
  53. Cyclops TC, Stinky cheese, leather straps,  Crushers deathly robe
  54. Crushers dexterous shoes
  55. Slippers of predominance,  Crushers winter vestment
  56. Exquisite slippers,  Crushers hat
  57. Crushers winter vestment,  polished garments
  58. Crushers hat, gummy bloodbat
  59. Shoes of sentiments,  shoes of the chimera, magnificent boots
  60. Crushers mysterious cap
  61. Empty milk cartons
  62. Felines invigorating robe,  milk carton
  63. Crushers dexterous shoes
  64. Spikes vestment of history, bronze gear
  65. White rat magician pet
  66. Alluring robes, spikes vestment of history
  67. Slippers of predominance,  spikes robe of the phoenix
  68. Polished garments,  wheat cracker,  vest of predominance,  opportunists sandals, milk carton
  69. Silent canine cowl, Spikes icicle spiked hat
  70.  Spikes robe of the phoenix,  deck of chivalry
  71. Crushers hat, bronze gear
  72. Medium fish, empty milk cartons
  73. Spikes amulet of smiting
  74. Medium fish,  slippers of the worrier, Crushers hat
  75. Bronze gear, exclusive cap, bronze gear, striders of the verge ( Crowns item ), caramel popcorn
  76. Exacting boots, caramel popcorn, Spikes vestment of history.
  77. bronze gear,  Crushers dexterous shoes
  78. Brisk cap, Crushers winter vestment
  79.  Vestment of the sun, shoes of the devoted, Crushers mysterious cap
  80. Spikes vestment of history
  81. Agents Kris, caramel popcorn, Crushers winter vestment
  82. Medium fish, Spikes mechanical visor
  83. Spikes boots of excellence
  84. Stinky cheese, white rat magician pet
  85. Exquisite slippers, Crushers mysterious cap, leather straps, redskin peanut
  86. Redskin peanut, Gummy bloodbat, Spikes vestment of history, leather straps
  87. Crushers milk bottle
  88. Vestment of the sun, High quality cloak, Spikes mechanical visor
  89. Square watermelon, empty milk cartons
  90. Wheat cracker, medium fish, Crushers mysterious cap
  91. Empty milk cartons
  92. Stinky cheese, Spikes vestment of history
  93. Shamans hat, square watermelon, milk carton
  94. Polished garments, square watermelon, Spikes boots of excellence
  95. Shoes of the devoted, empty milk cartons
  96. Spikes amulet of smiting, square watermelon
  97. Wheat cracker, Crushers winter vestment
  98. leather straps, milk carton, bronze gear, square watermelon
  99. Crushers hat, bronze gear
  100. Slippers of predominance, medium fish, bronze gear, Spikes vestment of history, leather straps.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Big Ben. Yes That Old Dungeon!

Big Ben, love it or hate it and lots of you out there seem to hate it,  is actually one of my favourite dungeons,  so I thought I'd give it its own dedicated talk through blog post.  Big Ben is the dungeon with a little bit of everything, puzzles, secret bosses and lots,  oh yes, lots of unavoidable fights.  It's the final dungeon in Marleybone,  where you get to face Meowiarty,  an ugly looking cat whose been helping Malistaire wreak havoc.  Located in the Royal Museum the dungeon is a tower with fifteen floors,  though a few little tricks can be used to make things a little easier.

The Entrance.
  • The first floor is occupied by Travis Pawman and two O'leary Connivers ( Balance ),  you need to speak to Travis to progress through the dungeon,  the fight with the O'leary Connivers is unavoidable,  there is no sneaking around them,  ( Unless you are doing the dungeon with a friend and you let them enter the fight,  you will then be able to go around the fight to speak to Travis,  you can do this with all of the fights in the dungeon )  
  • Floor two is occupied by a Streetsweeper ( myth ) and an O'leary conniver ( balance )
  •  Floor three,  no fight here there are two red wisps in the room.  Travis Pawman is back in the room and basically informs you that you are on your own for the rest of the dungeon.  Like he had helped anyway!  Jack Thistleberry, another NPC is also in the room he will give you a quest to open chests that are located throughout the dungeon.  Although the dungeon Big Ben is repeatable,  once opened these chests cannot be opened again.
  •  Floor 4 is occupied by a Filcher ( Ice ) and a Kettlehead ( Balance )
  • Floor 5 is occupied by a Filcher ( Ice ) and and O'Leary Rowdy ( Ice )
  • Floor 6 is occupied by a Gearhead ( Storm ) and a Kettlehead ( Balance ) ,  In this room is the first of three milk bottles spread throughout the dungeon,  if you would like to fight an additional boss later in the game, knock this over.
Notice the shield on the way out! Don't forget to spill the milk.

  •  Floor 7 is occupied by an O'Leary Rowdy ( Ice ) and two Brown Recluse spiders  ( Life ).  This room also contains four wooden chests,  you can open one of these if you have Jack Thistleberrys quest.  Two red wisps can also be found on this floor,  you will not be able to reach them until after the fight.
  • Floor 8 is a puzzle room,  on floors 4, 5, 6 and 7 when you leave the floor a shield close to the exit has a glowing gold symbol, make a note of these symbols and just stand on the corresponding floor tile.  You can go back into the rooms to check back for these.  Or you could just let me give you the code its snowflake, bird, weird looking dog thing, and moon.  After lighting up the floor tiles by standing on them you need to pull the lever which opens up the rest of the dungeon.  It does not matter in what order you light up the floor tiles.
Lighting up the tiles and pulling the lever.

  • Floor 9 has a Filcher ( Ice ) and a Nightmare Spirit ( Death )
  • Floor 10 has a Kettlehead ( Balance ) and a Nightmare Spirit ( Death ).  The second milk bottle is in this room.
  • Floor 11 has two nightmare spirits ( Death ) and a potbelly ( Storm ).  If you have the quest you can open one silver chest in this room.
The end is now in sight,  no fight in the next room.

  • Floor 12  good news you can find some much needed red and blue wisps in this room.  This room has a nice little trick too,  fill up on some of the wisps making sure to leave some still floating.  Now wait a few minutes,  check your deck or something,  just don't leave the room.  The wisps will then all regenerate to the initial number when you entered the room.  You can also return to this room to pick up any wisps left remaining after you leave,  which can prove a handy energy source.  A stray cat can also be found in this room,  it is behind some tall crates on the left when you enter the room.
  •  Floor 13 has a potbelly ( Storm ) and a shield skeleton ( Death ).  The last milk bottle is in this room,  if have knocked all the milk bottles over you will get to fight the optional boss Spike the Crusher in the next room.  Spike has two potbellys in the room with him,  you can leave the milk bottle standing go into the next room and fight the potbellys.  Go back into the previous room and knock the milk bottle over to face Spike on his own!
  • Floor 14 Spike the Crusher, optional boss ( Fire ) and two potbellys ( Storm ).  There are two red wisps in this room.

Your going down Spike

  •  Floor 15 Yay you have done it, your nearly at the end just Meowiarty ( Myth ) and his pals to go, Agony Wraith ( Death ) and a Clockwork wizard ( Life ).  The gold chests are also located in this room,  one of which you can open if you have the quest.  The book from the quest reading into the past is also in this room.
Meowiartys about to leave his pals to face the music alone!

 Throughout the dungeon you will find plenty of scrap iron and mistwood,  the creatures also seem to drop alot more furniture than usual.  Newspaper pages, blue balls of yarn, crossbone gravestones, tin cans, short metal fences, altars with candles, angled gravestones and steins can all be picked up from the street enemies in this dungeon.
You will probably need some potion bottles to complete the dungeon,  as running low on manna can become a real problem.  As the dungeons so long I would recommend going in with friends,  as it just helps move the game along a little faster.  Most of all enjoy it and don't forget to collect the Stray cat and the book at the end.