Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Loot, Gold and the Bazaar

I promise to post pictures soon as this blog is looking very bare.
However,  today I will not be up to much as I have a stinking cold. My hot water bottle and duvet are both calling out sweetly for me to join them.  If only there was a real life potion I could craft to get me well !

Anyway to the topic in hand, gold.  Gold is the currency of wizard 101,  well apart from crowns.
Crowns are something that you can provide for your wizard ( basically your own hard earned cash ),  gold is something your wizard will provide for him/herself.  Most of your wizards activities result in crowns been earned, fighting bosses, completing quests, gardening even fairground games.  The best way I know of so far,  in increasing you gold levels quickly is farming a boss,  then selling the loot down at the Bazaar in Olde Town.  I pick a boss who usually has something I want, fight him repeatedly until I get what I want, then sell all the extra items dropped.  Apart from purchasing gold with crowns this is the fastest way of increasing you gold levels I know.
I really wish I had known when I first started playing that the best place to sell items was the  Bazaar, unless it is a ' No auction ' item you can usually guarantee the Bazaar is going to pay the best price you can get for it.  By a huge margin as well.  I cringe when I think back to all the items I sold in the shops for only a few pieces of gold.  The bazaar is also a great place to pick up crafting items.  You will not find a ready supply of the rarest ones,  but if you keep checking back you should be able to get some.
A word from someone who has learned some valuable lessons.  Don't become carried away at the Bazaar keep your wits about you. - Stuck on a crafting quest as I was being to lazy to go and look for black lotuses in Mooshu I noticed the ring I was having to craft was available for sale.  So eagerly picked it up for a couple of thousand gold and then ran back to complete what I hoped was the end of my Mooshu crafting task.  Yeah,  I know it was kinda cheating but I thought I might get away with it.  Not so,  Yoshin just proudly ignored me whilst I stood before him with my dodgy ring.  Lesson learned some tasks have to be completed correctly.
Also don't get carried away when selling your loot,  you may end up selling items you want to hold on to.  Once late at night and feeling very tired,  but in desperate need of more gold to purchase pet training snacks,  I sold all my Marleybone constellation gems. It really is easy to do!
Anyway the Bazaar fabulous place - would be much poorer without it.
Now back to the sick bed I go.


  1. I need scrap iron and cannot find it anywhere. Are there bazaars in other worlds? Or just the first world? Where can I go?

    1. scrap iron can be found all over marlybone

  2. Scrap Iron seems to always be in high demand, you can get it from the bazaar if you are lucky but it does sell out fast. It also is sometimes dropped on harvests by the helephant ears plant. Good places to find it in Marleybone are the dungeons, Big Ben, Counter weight East and West, you can also find it dotted around Chelsea court and Regents court. Its best to look behind objects, run to the sides of buildings, you can usually find it close to boss rooms.

  3. I have also being informed that Evil magma peas, venus fly traps and Burning snap dragons occasionally produce scrap iron on harvesting