Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Another Wizard 5th Birthday Celebration Giveaway

Another amazing wizard giveaway this time over at warcry! 

Remember the housing game giveaway earlier in the month at mmorg,  well warcry are hosting a very similar giveaway.  I will keep this short and sweet but you are guaranteed a housing game for your house,   ( I received dueling diego earlier today,  yaaayyy )  plus loads of wizard 5th birthday celebration items.  The giveaway has got limited numbers,  so quick get on over,  yes you do have to join their site,  but I think its a small price to pay :) In case you missed the 1st link to the giveaway here is another.
warcry wizard 5th birthday giveaway.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Oh Skathi, Skathi. How does your garden grow?

Continuing with the boss farming project.  I decided to farm a Grizzleheim boss, Skathi,  from Savarstaad pass.  Mainly as there seemed to be so little information about her.  She makes up part of the quest ' the spider queen.'  The  green teleporter drops close to her lair.   She is a fire boss with 780 life and has a balance spider minion.
Skathi as a name for a boss fits in well with the Grizzleheim/Scandanavian theme,  as its also the name of a ancient Norse goddess and one of Saturns moons is named after her. 

Skathi mid spell.
I actually was a little surprised by her drops.  No housing items as such,  but loads of seeds!  The most common item that she dropped was the tritonscale cloak dropped 22 times during the 100 fights ( As I usually say, bosses often drop more than one item a fight,  but thats still a pretty common drop.  )  In my opinion the best item that Skathi dropped was the Coach potatoes seeds! ( A crowns drop no less. )  It was only dropped once,  but still wow, totally unexpected.  Though I had heard others say they often picked up great seeds from Grizzleheim!

Skathi dropping couch potatoes,  Ok it was the 92nd fight! Still a good item!

  A quick summary of Skathis drops follows.

 For those who want to know every item Skathi dropped and how many times, the data is below;

Veil of verdancy - 17
Cowl of the flameslinger - 1

Relentless footguards - 13
Striders of life - 1
Mythkeepers walkers - 7
Footgear of the firehaze - 3
Doomstriders - 1
Footgear of the disciple - 1
Boots of reflexive might - 1

Tunic of terror - 7
Tritonscale cloak - 22
Tunic of laughter - 1
Robe of the firebloom - 1
Robe of elegies - 1
Garments of zeal - 3
Coat of pouring rain - 1
Mystifying rainment - 1
Vestment of yesteryear - 1

Pet snacks
Wild strawberry - 4
Taffy - 1
Tiny pretzel -2
Tasty biscuit - 7
Meat soup - 5

Mooshu broccoli - 5
Spicy bubblegum - 3
Dragonfruit - 2
Orange jalapeno - 2
Moon pie - 1
Frosted cupcake - 2
Flaming carrot - 1

Dandelion - 1
Laugh-a-dil - 1
Stinkweed - 2
Desparagus - 2
Honeysickle - 2
Boomshroom - 2
Couch potatoes - 1

Treasure cards
Sandstorm - 1
Fire elf - 1
Snow serpent - 1
Spirit armour - 1
Cyclops - 1

Ring of revivification - 10
Golden ring of valour - 10
Stone of confidence - 1
Stone of the tundra - 1

Spidersilk - 8

Athame of the allfather - 13

After 100 combat events, its still too few fights to say that this is a definitive list of every item dropped by Skathi or to ascertain an overall percentage for the drop rate of an item. However, I think it definitely highlights what you are likely to get as well as a few more choice items you may want to work at getting.  ( Just remember the guys at wizard can add and remove items from the game )
If you really want to go into the 100 battle drops any further I have the fight number and tally of items received below;
  1.  Tunic of terror.
  2. Relentless footguards
  3. Tritonscale cloak
  4. Tritonscale cloak, dandelion.
  5. Ring of revivification.
  6. Athame of the allfather,  wild strawberry.
  7. Relentless footguards,striders of life, fire elf TC.
  8. Tritonscale cloak
  9. Golden ring of valour, taffy.
  10. Mythkeepers walkers,  tiny pretzel.
  11. Tunic of laughter, laugh a dil.
  12. Athame of the allfather.
  13. Relentless footguards, stinkguard.
  14. Ring of revivification,  robe of the firebloom
  15. Veil of verdancy.
  16. Tritonscale cloak,  robe of elegies,  mooshu broccoli.
  17. Tunic of terror,  footgear of the firehaze.
  18. Golden ring of valour.
  19. Ring of revivification, spidersilk, spidersilk.
  20. Ring of revivification, stinkweed
  21. Tritonscale cloak,  Doomstriders.
  22. Mythkeepers walkers.
  23. Athame of the allfather
  24. Athame of the allfather.
  25. Tritonscale Cloak
  26. Relentless footguards.
  27. Tritonscale cloak.
  28. Ring of revivification, spicy bubblegum.
  29. Tritonscale cloak,  garments of zeal, desparagus, tasty bisuit.
  30. Tritonscale cloak,  footgear of the firehaze.
  31. Tritonscale Cloak,  desparagus.
  32. Tritonscale cloak
  33. Mythkeepers walkers.
  34. Ring of revivification,  Mooshu broccoli,  coat of pouring rain.
  35. Meat soup,  tritonscale cloak.
  36. Veil of verdancy.
  37. Veil of verdancy,  dragonfruit.
  38. Tunic of terror,  footgear of the disciple.
  39. Athame of the allfather,  cowl of the flameslinger.
  40. Ring of revivification,  garments of zeal.
  41. Veil of verdancy,  dragon fruit,  stone of confidence.
  42. Relentless footguards
  43. Tritonscale cloak.
  44. Veil of verdancy.
  45. Ring of revivification.
  46. Golden ring of valour.
  47. Tunic of terror,  meat soup.
  48. Tunic of terror,  spicy bubblegum
  49. Golden ring of valour,  orange jalapeno.
  50. Tritonscale cloak,  mooshu broccoli.
  51. Tritonscale cloak
  52. Athame of the allfather,  wild strawberry.
  53. Moon pie,  snow serpent TC.
  54. Relentless footguards,  wild strawberry.
  55. Ring of revivication.
  56. Veil of verdancy
  57. Veil of verdancy.
  58. Golden ring of valour,  mooshu broccoli,  honeysickle,  spirit armour.
  59. Mythkeepers walkers,  tiny pretzel,  mystifying rainment.
  60. Tunic of terror
  61. Athame of the allfather
  62. Tritonscale cloak
  63. Relentless footguards,  wild strawberry.
  64. Garments of zeal,  veil of verdancy.
  65. Golden ring of valour,  cyclops TC.
  66. Athame of the allfather
  67. Athame of the allfather.
  68. Ring of revivication, meat soup
  69. Relentless footguards,  tasty biscuit
  70. Golden ring of valour,  meat soup, spidersilk.
  71. Veil of verdancy.
  72. Relentless footguards,  meat soup
  73. Boomshroom, tritonscale cloak.
  74. Orange jalapeno,  sandstorm TC,  Tritonscale cloak,  boots of reflexive might.
  75. Tasty biscuit,  veil of verdancy,  tritonscale cloak
  76. Tasy biscuit,  veil of verdancy.
  77. Tritonscale cloak.
  78. Veil of verdancy,  footgear of the firehaze.
  79. Golden ring of valour,  frosted cupcake.
  80. Golden ring of valour.
  81. Tritonscale cloak,  frosted cupcake,  tasty biscuit.
  82. Relentlessn footguards,  spicy bubblegum,  tasty biscuit.
  83. Mythkeepers walkers,  tasty biscuit.
  84. Relentless footgaurds,  spidersilk.
  85. Tritonscale cloak,  spidersilk, tasty biscuit,  vestment of yesteryear.
  86. Athame of the allfather.
  87. Relentless footguards.
  88. Veil of verdancy
  89. Veil of verdancy
  90. Veil of verdancy.
  91. flaming carrot,  mythkeepers walkers.
  92. Couch potatoes, mythkeepers walkers.
  93. Spidersilk,  relentless footguards.
  94. Seal of the tundra,  veil of verdancy.
  95. Athame of the allfather.
  96. Tunic of terror.
  97. Athame of the allfather,  mooshu broccoli.
  98. Veil of verdancy,  spidersilk
  99. Golden ring of valour, honeysickle.
  100. Athame of the allfather,  boom shroom.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Sergeant Groostak. Trolling no more?

Carrying on with plan of farming/exploring areas of Wizard 101 that I might have skimmed through. I decided to Farm Sergeant Groostack, a troll boss (myth ) found in Mooshu at the Hametsu village ( use the butterfly embossed teleporter ).  He forms part of the quest ' Too Many Enemies '

    Go on, Give Groostak a hug!

Initially, I was interested in farming him as according to internet rumours,  he used to drop a troll pet, apparently this pet drop had been withdrawn. Did Groostak still drop it?   It's also interesting as according to Wikipedia both Groostak and another troll boss in Mooshu,  Grum Foultooth drop the troll pet.  Was wikipedia wrong?  Did both trolls drop the pet?  I thought I'd give it a try with the usual 100 fights and sadly no troll. 
It probably is too few fights to be conclusive as to whether Groostak still drops the troll, especially after the 300+ fights I ended up having in Krokotopia in order to receive the yellow ghost. 
The most popular item that Groostak did drop was the reagent, bone. Which was dropped 22 times out of 100 fights. Taking into account that Groostak often dropped more than one item per fight, its still a pretty high drop rate.  An unusual session of farming followed. In that the items I thought were the best drops, were furniture items.  Some of his more choice drops were

A Fancy Bench

Not Sure it's that fancy.
Green Banner
Drops a few of these
Groostaks Prudent Staff
Packs quite a punch!
Tree Painting
A really nice item.
Fiery Boom Shroom
Very unexpected drop!

He did drop a couple of level 40 gear items,  and the fiery boom shroom!

A quick summary of Groostaks drops follows.

For those who want to know every item Groostak dropped and how many times, the data is below;

Shroud of Predicament – 1
Headwraps of the Whim – 6
Headwraps of anthems – 7
Hood of Chimes – 5
Friendly Helm – 4
Sprightly Hood – 8
Cowl of watchfulness – 1
Hood of melodies 1
Cowl of fiction – 1
Shroud of the Universe - 2
Blended Wool Cap – 1

Boots of Consideration – 5
Nunus Twisted Slippers – 2
Warbled shoes – 1
Benign Slippers – 1
Zippy Footwraps – 10
Gallant Sandals – 4
Groostaks Agile Shoes – 3
Boots of Awareness – 1

Benign Robe – 1
Groostaks Steadfast Robe – 6
Meticulous Cloak – 1
Proficient Cloak – 1
Abstract Vestments – 1
Engrossed Robes – 1

Groostaks Prudent Staff – 1

Drifting Ring – 6
Ring of Detachment 2
Band of Hope – 2

Kris of the Pensive Ones – 7
Shortblade of a daydreamer – 2

Treasure cards
Accurate – 1
Black Mantle – 1
Troll - 8

Pet Snacks
Ape Grapes – 2
Watermelon – 1
Golden Peanut – 1
Large watermelon – 1
Golden Squash – 3
Large fish – 4
Crunch apple – 2
Square Root - 1

Green banner – 4
Wooden Pedestal – 6
Stone Base – 2
Haystack – 3
Fancy bench – 1
Tree Painting – 4

Bone – 22

Fiery Boom Shroom – 1
Pink dandelion - 1

Even after 100 combat events, its still too few fights to say that this is a definitive list of every item dropped by Sergeant Groostak or to ascertain an overall percentage for the drop rate of an item. However, I think it definitely highlights what you are likely to get as well as a few more choice items you may want to work at getting.  ( Just remember the guys at wizard can add and remove items from the game )
If you really want to go into the 100 battle drops any further I have the fight number and tally of items received below;
  1. Zippy footwraps
  2. Green banner
  3. Wooden pedestal,  bone
  4. Groostaks mindful cap,  stone base
  5. Groostaks mindful cap, Black mantle TC.
  6. Boots of Consideration.
  7. Headwraps of the whim, Benign robe,  Ape grapes.
  8. Drifting ring
  9. Haystack,  Kris of the pensive ones.
  10. Drifting Ring, Fancy bench, Troll TC
  11. Stone base, Drifting Ring.
  12. Groostaks boots.
  13. Headwraps of the whim,  Nunus twisted slippers, watermelon.
  14. Drifting Ring,  Robe of the Universe.
  15. Kris of the Pensive ones,  Troll TC
  16. Groostaks steadfast robe,  Warbled shoes, Troll TC.
  17. Bone,  Kris of the pensive ones.
  18. Drifting Ring,  Accurate,  Large watermelon.
  19. Headwraps of anthems,  Bone.
  20. Tree painting,  Benign Slippers,  Golden squash.
  21. Bone,  Groostaks prudent Staff.
  22. Bone,  Shortblade of a daydreamer.
  23. Boots of consideration,  Nunus twisted slippers.
  24. Headwraps of anthems,  Meticulous cloak .
  25. Ring of detachment,  Golden squash
  26. Large fish,  Hood of chimes.
  27. Friendly Helm
  28. Headwraps of anthems,  Haystack.
  29. Groostaks steadfast robe.
  30. Green banner
  31. Crunch apple,  Headwraps of anthems.
  32. Sprightly hood.
  33. Shortblade of a daydreamer.
  34. Bone,  Bone,  Tree painting.
  35. Wooden pedestal
  36. Zippy footwraps.
  37. Kris of the pensive ones,  Square root.
  38. Headwraps of the whim,  Cowl of watchfulness.
  39. Boots of consideration,  Hood of melodies,  Bone.
  40. Bone,  Groostaks mindful cap.
  41. Gallant sandals.
  42. Friendly helm.
  43. Zippy Footwraps.
  44. Friendly Helm.
  45. Gallant sandals, Bone,  Crunch apple.
  46. Groostaks agile shoes, Bone
  47. Groostaks steadfast robe,  Bone.
  48. Headwraps of anthems,  Cowl of fiction,  Bone.
  49. Golden peanut,  Zippy footwraps.
  50. Boots of consideration
  51. Groostacks agile shoes.
  52. Hood of chimes,  Large fish.
  53. Sprightly hood,  Large fish.
  54. Wooden pedestal.
  55. Groostaks agile shoes.
  56. Wooden pedestal,  Large fish.
  57. Zippy footwraps.
  58. Kris of the pensive ones,  Bone
  59. Sprightly hood,  Troll TC
  60.  Headwraps of the whim.
  61. Green banner,  Troll TC
  62. Sprightly Hood,  Tunic of scruples.
  63. Band of hope,  Troll TC
  64. Headwraps of the whim.
  65. Headwraps of anthems.
  66. Ring of detachment,  Bone,  Shroud of the universe.
  67. Tree painting.
  68. Wooden pedestal.
  69. Sprightly hood,  Shroud of the universe.
  70. Tree painting.
  71. Sprightly hood,  Bone,  Blended wool cap.
  72. Headwraps of anthems, Bone
  73. Groostaks Boots,  Fiery Boom Shroom,  Bone.
  74. Gallant sandals,  Proficiant cloak.
  75. Groostaks boots.
  76. Hood of chimes.
  77. Gallant sandals, Troll TC
  78. Sprightly hood,  Bone
  79. Boots of consideration,  Ape Grapes.
  80. Groostaks boots,  Troll TC
  81. Hood of chimes.
  82. Band of hope,  Bone.
  83. Haystack,  Zippy footwraps.
  84. Groostacks steadfast robe.
  85. Headwraps of the whim.
  86. Green banner
  87. Kris of the pensive ones.
  88. Hood of chimes,  Abstract vestments.
  89. Zippy footwraps.
  90. Drifting ring.
  91. Zippy footwraps,  Engrossed robes.
  92. Zippy footwraps.
  93. Wooden pedestal,  Golden squash,  Bone,  Bone.
  94. Kris of the pensive ones,  Pink dandelion.
  95. Groostaks steadfast robe.
  96. Groostaks boots.
  97. Sprightly hood.
  98. Friendly helm,  Shroud of predicament.
  99. Groostaks steadfast robe.
  100. Zippy footwraps,  Boots of awareness.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Ok TOTALLY loving the presents, A free Dino Mount!

You have probably noticed the many presents dotted about the spiral,  in honour of Wizards 5th Birthday and may have opened a few.  I know I have,  usually getting either spells or pet snacks.  I had noticed the odd online murmur that some presents contained pets and other desirable items but had no true evidence.  That was until today,  I am really pleased yes I know its only for 7 days but I received a mount today,  the  Ankylosaurus. 
Open your presents and you could get lucky!
 I am not sure how many presents I actually opened before receiving this, honestly it wasn't that many. I had just gone past some!  I will be opening a lot more now.  The presents appear in all realms in all worlds,  they also re-spawn/reappear.  For those of you interested in a dedicated farming of presents some very generous folks have been using their time to put together maps of where the presents are likely to appear.   Good luck everyone!

The gift Ankylosaurus stats.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Amazing wizard giveaway at mmorpg.com

OK I never usually post this often.  Think I've broke my record here but please guys don't miss out on this amazing giveaway over at mmorg.  I will keep this short and sweet but you are guaranteed a housing game for your house,  plus loads of wizard 5th birthday celebration items.  The giveaway has got limited numbers,  so quick get on over,  yes you do have to join their site,  but I think its a small price to pay :) In case you missed the 1st link to the giveaway here is another. mmorg wizard party giveaway

Baron Greebly, Music Lover: No, Really!

I decided a while back apart from my pet farming/hatching, that exploring some areas/farming bosses that I may have previously skimmed through or completed quickly might prove beneficial, maybe even enlightening. So my first boss I choose was Baron Greebly.  You may wonder why I choose him?  ( Well there was a boss list on wikipedia, I closed my eyes and pointed )
As you may know,  Baron Greebly is a boss found in the first world of wizard, Wizard City and has made his home in Colossus Boulevard. If you are Mindy Pixiehorns quests to find stinkweed, you'll find a lot around his tower. You can also often find the reagents mistwood, deep mushrooms and red mandrake close by.

Baron Greebly Dying
So as I hadn't farmed him before and wasn't sure he'd drop anything of note, I decided that I would have 100 fights and I'd keep a tally of the items dropped. One item he dropped did actually surprise me. It was the Honey Sickle plant ( only dropped once by the baron on our 31st combat ). I actually thought this had been withdrawn from wizard, maybe its just being that long since I came across some!  If you are into your wizard music he also dropped both the Wizard City Combat theme

( first dropped by the baron on 4th combat )
And the Grumpy Gobblers theme

( first dropped by the baron on our 35th combat ).
Other items of note were Greebly's frost wand.

( first dropped by the baron on our 17th combat )

 And Greeblys gemstone.

( first dropped by the baron on our 5th combat )

A quick summery of the dropped items :
The most popular item that Greebly dropped was the Swooping necklace.  Which was dropped a staggering 20 times out of 100 fights.  Even taking into account that Baron Greebly often dropped more than one item a battle thats still a pretty popular item.

For those who want to know every item dropped and how many times,  the data is below.

Blooming hat - 14
Helm of stability - 1
Greebly's Windshroud - 1
Soft Hood - 1

Cloak of the Watchful - 16
Cloak of calamity - 1

Shoes of the Troll King - 15
Martyrs Wraps - 1
Barons vivacious shoes - 2
Soft Boots - 2
Soot Stained Boots - 1
Soldiers Wraps - 1
Slippers of rites - 1

Amethyst studded athame - 13
Greebly's steak Knife - 1

Treasure Cards
Gobbler - 10
Ghoul - 1
Scarab - 1

Greeblys Frost Wand - 4

Flawed opal band - 2
Barons sparkling ring - 1
Flawed pearl ring - 1

Bone - 4

Carved endtable - 2
Wizard City combat theme, musical scroll - 10
Tall Sundae - 2
Crate of pies - 3
Maple tree - 3
Prop house 2 - 1
Grumpy gobblers theme, musical scroll - 4
Frozen stone tower - 1
Honeysickle ( Seed ) - 1

Pet snacks
Blonde strawberry - 2
Gummy firecat - 5
Cheese Broccoli - 1
Chocolate covered strawberry - 1

Swooping necklace - 20
Greebly's gemstone - 2

Even after 100 combat events, its too few to say that this is a definitive list of every item dropped by Baron Greebly or to ascertain an overall percentage for the drop rate of an item. However, I think it definitely highlights what you are likely to get as well as a few more choice items you may want to work at getting. ( Just remember the guys at wizard can add and remove items from the game ) If you really want to go into the 100 battle drops any further I have the fight number and tally of items received below.

Battles and drops tally Baron Greebly:
  1. Amethyst studded athame.
  2. Carved end table.
  3. Flawed opal band, Blooming hat, Gobbler TC.
  4. Swooping Necklace, Wizard City combat theme.
  5. Greebley's gemstone.
  6. Cloak of the watchful.
  7. Shoes of the Troll King
  8. Cloak of the watchful.
  9. Cloak of the watchful.
  10. Shoes of the Troll King.
  11. Swooping necklace, Gobbler TC.
  12. Shoes of the Troll King.
  13. Martyr's Wraps, Barons vivacious shoes.
  14. Blooming hat.
  15. Blooming hat, Bone
  16. Blonde Strawberry, Shoes of the Troll King, Wizard City combat theme.
  17. Greebly's frost wand.
  18. Amethyst studded athame.
  19. Tall Sundae.
  20. Helm of stability, Greeblys frost wand.
  21. Cloak of calamity, Blooming hat, Wizard city combat theme.
  22. Greebly's windshroud.
  23. Amethyst studded athame.
  24. Blooming hat, Ghoul TC.
  25. Swooping necklace.
  26. Blooming hat.
  27. Amethyst studded athame.
  28. Blooming hat, Wizard City combat theme.
  29. Shoes of the troll king.
  30. Soft boots, Swooping necklace.
  31. Maple tree, HONEYSICKLE ( rare plant drop )
  32. Amethyst studded athame.
  33. Swooping necklace.
  34. Gummy firecat, Swooping necklace, Wizard City combat theme.
  35. Grumpy Gobblers theme, Greeblys frost wand.
  36. Frozen stone tower.
  37. Blooming hat.
  38. Swooping necklace.
  39. Shoes of the Troll King.
  40. Cloak of the watchful.
  41. Cheese Broccoli, Tall sundae.
  42. Bone, Swooping necklace.
  43. Maple tree
  44. Blonde strawberry, Cloak of the Watchful.
  45. Swooping necklace.
  46. Gummy firecat, Gobbler TC, Amethyst studded athame.
  47. Greeblys Steak Knife, Wizard city combat theme.
  48. Cloak of the watchful.
  49. Bone, swooping necklace.
  50. Soldiers wraps, Shoes of the Troll King.
  51. Greeblys frost wand.
  52. Cloak of the watchful.
  53. Shoes of the Troll king, Wizard City combat theme.
  54. Soft hood, blooming hat, Grumpy gobblers theme.
  55. Prop House 2, Scarab TC, Swooping necklace.
  56. Cloak of the watchful, Gobbler TC.
  57. Amethyst studded athame.
  58. Maple tree, Gummy firecat.
  59. Swooping necklace.
  60. Flawed opal band, Blooming hat.
  61. Amethyst studded athame.
  62. Shoes of the Troll King.
  63. Swooping Necklace.
  64. Swooping Necklace
  65. Swooping Necklace.
  66. Crate of pies.
  67. Greeblys gemstone, Wizard City combat theme.
  68. Shoes of the Troll King.
  69. Soft boots, cloak of the watchful.
  70. Swooping necklace, Wizard City combat theme.
  71. Amethyst studded athame.
  72. Gummy firecat, Barons vivacious shoes, Grumpy gobblers theme.
  73. Gobbler TC, Blooming hat.
  74. Swooping necklace.
  75. Amethyst studded athame.
  76. Blooming hat.
  77. Shoes of the Troll King, Gobbler TC
  78. Crate of pies, Gobbler TC
  79. Barons sparkling ring.
  80. Blooming hat.
  81. Shoes of the Troll King.
  82. Amethyst studded athame.
  83. Amethyst studded athame.
  84. Slippers of rights, shoes of the troll king.
  85. Swooping necklace.
  86. Cloak of the watchful.
  87. Carved endtable.
  88. Amethsy studded athame, Flawed pearl ring.
  89. Swooping necklace.
  90. Swooping necklace.
  91. Cloak of the watchful.
  92. Cloak of the watchful, Gummy firecat, Bone
  93. Crate of pies.
  94. Shoes of the Troll King.
  95. Chocolate strawberry, Cloak of the watchful, Wizard City combat theme.
  96. Soot stained boots, Cloak of the watchful, Gobbler TC, Gobbler TC.
  97. Blooming hat
  98. Shoes of the Troll King, Grumpy gobblers theme.
  99. Cloak of the watchful, Gobbler TC
  100. Cloak of the watchful.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Happy 5th Birthday: Wizard 101

Well firstly,  a very well wished Happy 5th Birthday to Wizard 101.  Hip, hip hooray.

Sadly it's been a long time between posts. ( Yup nearly a year .) We have had a lot of family health issues to sort out. Wizard has still been played in our household but I just did not really have it in me to type out any posts. There have obviously been a lot of changes that have occurred in wizard during this missed posting period. New worlds, new mounts, pet changes, new dungeons, the introduction of housing music etc. I don't see much point in me trying to catch up/run through each of these as they have been given quite excellent coverage by other bloggers. Hopefully, I am back now on a permanent basis.

Now back to the fun wizarding celebrations! Don't forget Wizard 101 wants you to join in with the party. To get your free party Cannon make sure to head to to the Wizard 101 website.  You will also be given a second free gift,  what you get depends on how long you have been a member.