Friday, 20 September 2013

Sergeant Groostak. Trolling no more?

Carrying on with plan of farming/exploring areas of Wizard 101 that I might have skimmed through. I decided to Farm Sergeant Groostack, a troll boss (myth ) found in Mooshu at the Hametsu village ( use the butterfly embossed teleporter ).  He forms part of the quest ' Too Many Enemies '

    Go on, Give Groostak a hug!

Initially, I was interested in farming him as according to internet rumours,  he used to drop a troll pet, apparently this pet drop had been withdrawn. Did Groostak still drop it?   It's also interesting as according to Wikipedia both Groostak and another troll boss in Mooshu,  Grum Foultooth drop the troll pet.  Was wikipedia wrong?  Did both trolls drop the pet?  I thought I'd give it a try with the usual 100 fights and sadly no troll. 
It probably is too few fights to be conclusive as to whether Groostak still drops the troll, especially after the 300+ fights I ended up having in Krokotopia in order to receive the yellow ghost. 
The most popular item that Groostak did drop was the reagent, bone. Which was dropped 22 times out of 100 fights. Taking into account that Groostak often dropped more than one item per fight, its still a pretty high drop rate.  An unusual session of farming followed. In that the items I thought were the best drops, were furniture items.  Some of his more choice drops were

A Fancy Bench

Not Sure it's that fancy.
Green Banner
Drops a few of these
Groostaks Prudent Staff
Packs quite a punch!
Tree Painting
A really nice item.
Fiery Boom Shroom
Very unexpected drop!

He did drop a couple of level 40 gear items,  and the fiery boom shroom!

A quick summary of Groostaks drops follows.

For those who want to know every item Groostak dropped and how many times, the data is below;

Shroud of Predicament – 1
Headwraps of the Whim – 6
Headwraps of anthems – 7
Hood of Chimes – 5
Friendly Helm – 4
Sprightly Hood – 8
Cowl of watchfulness – 1
Hood of melodies 1
Cowl of fiction – 1
Shroud of the Universe - 2
Blended Wool Cap – 1

Boots of Consideration – 5
Nunus Twisted Slippers – 2
Warbled shoes – 1
Benign Slippers – 1
Zippy Footwraps – 10
Gallant Sandals – 4
Groostaks Agile Shoes – 3
Boots of Awareness – 1

Benign Robe – 1
Groostaks Steadfast Robe – 6
Meticulous Cloak – 1
Proficient Cloak – 1
Abstract Vestments – 1
Engrossed Robes – 1

Groostaks Prudent Staff – 1

Drifting Ring – 6
Ring of Detachment 2
Band of Hope – 2

Kris of the Pensive Ones – 7
Shortblade of a daydreamer – 2

Treasure cards
Accurate – 1
Black Mantle – 1
Troll - 8

Pet Snacks
Ape Grapes – 2
Watermelon – 1
Golden Peanut – 1
Large watermelon – 1
Golden Squash – 3
Large fish – 4
Crunch apple – 2
Square Root - 1

Green banner – 4
Wooden Pedestal – 6
Stone Base – 2
Haystack – 3
Fancy bench – 1
Tree Painting – 4

Bone – 22

Fiery Boom Shroom – 1
Pink dandelion - 1

Even after 100 combat events, its still too few fights to say that this is a definitive list of every item dropped by Sergeant Groostak or to ascertain an overall percentage for the drop rate of an item. However, I think it definitely highlights what you are likely to get as well as a few more choice items you may want to work at getting.  ( Just remember the guys at wizard can add and remove items from the game )
If you really want to go into the 100 battle drops any further I have the fight number and tally of items received below;
  1. Zippy footwraps
  2. Green banner
  3. Wooden pedestal,  bone
  4. Groostaks mindful cap,  stone base
  5. Groostaks mindful cap, Black mantle TC.
  6. Boots of Consideration.
  7. Headwraps of the whim, Benign robe,  Ape grapes.
  8. Drifting ring
  9. Haystack,  Kris of the pensive ones.
  10. Drifting Ring, Fancy bench, Troll TC
  11. Stone base, Drifting Ring.
  12. Groostaks boots.
  13. Headwraps of the whim,  Nunus twisted slippers, watermelon.
  14. Drifting Ring,  Robe of the Universe.
  15. Kris of the Pensive ones,  Troll TC
  16. Groostaks steadfast robe,  Warbled shoes, Troll TC.
  17. Bone,  Kris of the pensive ones.
  18. Drifting Ring,  Accurate,  Large watermelon.
  19. Headwraps of anthems,  Bone.
  20. Tree painting,  Benign Slippers,  Golden squash.
  21. Bone,  Groostaks prudent Staff.
  22. Bone,  Shortblade of a daydreamer.
  23. Boots of consideration,  Nunus twisted slippers.
  24. Headwraps of anthems,  Meticulous cloak .
  25. Ring of detachment,  Golden squash
  26. Large fish,  Hood of chimes.
  27. Friendly Helm
  28. Headwraps of anthems,  Haystack.
  29. Groostaks steadfast robe.
  30. Green banner
  31. Crunch apple,  Headwraps of anthems.
  32. Sprightly hood.
  33. Shortblade of a daydreamer.
  34. Bone,  Bone,  Tree painting.
  35. Wooden pedestal
  36. Zippy footwraps.
  37. Kris of the pensive ones,  Square root.
  38. Headwraps of the whim,  Cowl of watchfulness.
  39. Boots of consideration,  Hood of melodies,  Bone.
  40. Bone,  Groostaks mindful cap.
  41. Gallant sandals.
  42. Friendly helm.
  43. Zippy Footwraps.
  44. Friendly Helm.
  45. Gallant sandals, Bone,  Crunch apple.
  46. Groostaks agile shoes, Bone
  47. Groostaks steadfast robe,  Bone.
  48. Headwraps of anthems,  Cowl of fiction,  Bone.
  49. Golden peanut,  Zippy footwraps.
  50. Boots of consideration
  51. Groostacks agile shoes.
  52. Hood of chimes,  Large fish.
  53. Sprightly hood,  Large fish.
  54. Wooden pedestal.
  55. Groostaks agile shoes.
  56. Wooden pedestal,  Large fish.
  57. Zippy footwraps.
  58. Kris of the pensive ones,  Bone
  59. Sprightly hood,  Troll TC
  60.  Headwraps of the whim.
  61. Green banner,  Troll TC
  62. Sprightly Hood,  Tunic of scruples.
  63. Band of hope,  Troll TC
  64. Headwraps of the whim.
  65. Headwraps of anthems.
  66. Ring of detachment,  Bone,  Shroud of the universe.
  67. Tree painting.
  68. Wooden pedestal.
  69. Sprightly hood,  Shroud of the universe.
  70. Tree painting.
  71. Sprightly hood,  Bone,  Blended wool cap.
  72. Headwraps of anthems, Bone
  73. Groostaks Boots,  Fiery Boom Shroom,  Bone.
  74. Gallant sandals,  Proficiant cloak.
  75. Groostaks boots.
  76. Hood of chimes.
  77. Gallant sandals, Troll TC
  78. Sprightly hood,  Bone
  79. Boots of consideration,  Ape Grapes.
  80. Groostaks boots,  Troll TC
  81. Hood of chimes.
  82. Band of hope,  Bone.
  83. Haystack,  Zippy footwraps.
  84. Groostacks steadfast robe.
  85. Headwraps of the whim.
  86. Green banner
  87. Kris of the pensive ones.
  88. Hood of chimes,  Abstract vestments.
  89. Zippy footwraps.
  90. Drifting ring.
  91. Zippy footwraps,  Engrossed robes.
  92. Zippy footwraps.
  93. Wooden pedestal,  Golden squash,  Bone,  Bone.
  94. Kris of the pensive ones,  Pink dandelion.
  95. Groostaks steadfast robe.
  96. Groostaks boots.
  97. Sprightly hood.
  98. Friendly helm,  Shroud of predicament.
  99. Groostaks steadfast robe.
  100. Zippy footwraps,  Boots of awareness.


  1. Hello! Fantastically detailed post you have here, I really dig it man. I'm so glad I decided to Google some info on the Troll pet before I invested too many tries in Sergeant Groostak. From the looks of your data, it may be more worth a shot at farming Grum Foultooth instead. Do you recommend I abandon all hope of Mr. Groostak ever dropping the Troll pet and stick with Grum? Thanks for your work and dedication to the game. -Jessica

  2. I think I would probably stick with Grum, I had no luck at all with Groostak but he did drop some nice furniture. I really liked the tree painting. If I ever do get the troll pet I will post where I did and from who but I am kind of giving up on Groostak for a while :)

    1. Thanks for your nice feedback too Jessica:)