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Oh Skathi, Skathi. How does your garden grow?

Continuing with the boss farming project.  I decided to farm a Grizzleheim boss, Skathi,  from Savarstaad pass.  Mainly as there seemed to be so little information about her.  She makes up part of the quest ' the spider queen.'  The  green teleporter drops close to her lair.   She is a fire boss with 780 life and has a balance spider minion.
Skathi as a name for a boss fits in well with the Grizzleheim/Scandanavian theme,  as its also the name of a ancient Norse goddess and one of Saturns moons is named after her. 

Skathi mid spell.
I actually was a little surprised by her drops.  No housing items as such,  but loads of seeds!  The most common item that she dropped was the tritonscale cloak dropped 22 times during the 100 fights ( As I usually say, bosses often drop more than one item a fight,  but thats still a pretty common drop.  )  In my opinion the best item that Skathi dropped was the Coach potatoes seeds! ( A crowns drop no less. )  It was only dropped once,  but still wow, totally unexpected.  Though I had heard others say they often picked up great seeds from Grizzleheim!

Skathi dropping couch potatoes,  Ok it was the 92nd fight! Still a good item!

  A quick summary of Skathis drops follows.

 For those who want to know every item Skathi dropped and how many times, the data is below;

Veil of verdancy - 17
Cowl of the flameslinger - 1

Relentless footguards - 13
Striders of life - 1
Mythkeepers walkers - 7
Footgear of the firehaze - 3
Doomstriders - 1
Footgear of the disciple - 1
Boots of reflexive might - 1

Tunic of terror - 7
Tritonscale cloak - 22
Tunic of laughter - 1
Robe of the firebloom - 1
Robe of elegies - 1
Garments of zeal - 3
Coat of pouring rain - 1
Mystifying rainment - 1
Vestment of yesteryear - 1

Pet snacks
Wild strawberry - 4
Taffy - 1
Tiny pretzel -2
Tasty biscuit - 7
Meat soup - 5

Mooshu broccoli - 5
Spicy bubblegum - 3
Dragonfruit - 2
Orange jalapeno - 2
Moon pie - 1
Frosted cupcake - 2
Flaming carrot - 1

Dandelion - 1
Laugh-a-dil - 1
Stinkweed - 2
Desparagus - 2
Honeysickle - 2
Boomshroom - 2
Couch potatoes - 1

Treasure cards
Sandstorm - 1
Fire elf - 1
Snow serpent - 1
Spirit armour - 1
Cyclops - 1

Ring of revivification - 10
Golden ring of valour - 10
Stone of confidence - 1
Stone of the tundra - 1

Spidersilk - 8

Athame of the allfather - 13

After 100 combat events, its still too few fights to say that this is a definitive list of every item dropped by Skathi or to ascertain an overall percentage for the drop rate of an item. However, I think it definitely highlights what you are likely to get as well as a few more choice items you may want to work at getting.  ( Just remember the guys at wizard can add and remove items from the game )
If you really want to go into the 100 battle drops any further I have the fight number and tally of items received below;
  1.  Tunic of terror.
  2. Relentless footguards
  3. Tritonscale cloak
  4. Tritonscale cloak, dandelion.
  5. Ring of revivification.
  6. Athame of the allfather,  wild strawberry.
  7. Relentless footguards,striders of life, fire elf TC.
  8. Tritonscale cloak
  9. Golden ring of valour, taffy.
  10. Mythkeepers walkers,  tiny pretzel.
  11. Tunic of laughter, laugh a dil.
  12. Athame of the allfather.
  13. Relentless footguards, stinkguard.
  14. Ring of revivification,  robe of the firebloom
  15. Veil of verdancy.
  16. Tritonscale cloak,  robe of elegies,  mooshu broccoli.
  17. Tunic of terror,  footgear of the firehaze.
  18. Golden ring of valour.
  19. Ring of revivification, spidersilk, spidersilk.
  20. Ring of revivification, stinkweed
  21. Tritonscale cloak,  Doomstriders.
  22. Mythkeepers walkers.
  23. Athame of the allfather
  24. Athame of the allfather.
  25. Tritonscale Cloak
  26. Relentless footguards.
  27. Tritonscale cloak.
  28. Ring of revivification, spicy bubblegum.
  29. Tritonscale cloak,  garments of zeal, desparagus, tasty bisuit.
  30. Tritonscale cloak,  footgear of the firehaze.
  31. Tritonscale Cloak,  desparagus.
  32. Tritonscale cloak
  33. Mythkeepers walkers.
  34. Ring of revivification,  Mooshu broccoli,  coat of pouring rain.
  35. Meat soup,  tritonscale cloak.
  36. Veil of verdancy.
  37. Veil of verdancy,  dragonfruit.
  38. Tunic of terror,  footgear of the disciple.
  39. Athame of the allfather,  cowl of the flameslinger.
  40. Ring of revivification,  garments of zeal.
  41. Veil of verdancy,  dragon fruit,  stone of confidence.
  42. Relentless footguards
  43. Tritonscale cloak.
  44. Veil of verdancy.
  45. Ring of revivification.
  46. Golden ring of valour.
  47. Tunic of terror,  meat soup.
  48. Tunic of terror,  spicy bubblegum
  49. Golden ring of valour,  orange jalapeno.
  50. Tritonscale cloak,  mooshu broccoli.
  51. Tritonscale cloak
  52. Athame of the allfather,  wild strawberry.
  53. Moon pie,  snow serpent TC.
  54. Relentless footguards,  wild strawberry.
  55. Ring of revivication.
  56. Veil of verdancy
  57. Veil of verdancy.
  58. Golden ring of valour,  mooshu broccoli,  honeysickle,  spirit armour.
  59. Mythkeepers walkers,  tiny pretzel,  mystifying rainment.
  60. Tunic of terror
  61. Athame of the allfather
  62. Tritonscale cloak
  63. Relentless footguards,  wild strawberry.
  64. Garments of zeal,  veil of verdancy.
  65. Golden ring of valour,  cyclops TC.
  66. Athame of the allfather
  67. Athame of the allfather.
  68. Ring of revivication, meat soup
  69. Relentless footguards,  tasty biscuit
  70. Golden ring of valour,  meat soup, spidersilk.
  71. Veil of verdancy.
  72. Relentless footguards,  meat soup
  73. Boomshroom, tritonscale cloak.
  74. Orange jalapeno,  sandstorm TC,  Tritonscale cloak,  boots of reflexive might.
  75. Tasty biscuit,  veil of verdancy,  tritonscale cloak
  76. Tasy biscuit,  veil of verdancy.
  77. Tritonscale cloak.
  78. Veil of verdancy,  footgear of the firehaze.
  79. Golden ring of valour,  frosted cupcake.
  80. Golden ring of valour.
  81. Tritonscale cloak,  frosted cupcake,  tasty biscuit.
  82. Relentlessn footguards,  spicy bubblegum,  tasty biscuit.
  83. Mythkeepers walkers,  tasty biscuit.
  84. Relentless footgaurds,  spidersilk.
  85. Tritonscale cloak,  spidersilk, tasty biscuit,  vestment of yesteryear.
  86. Athame of the allfather.
  87. Relentless footguards.
  88. Veil of verdancy
  89. Veil of verdancy
  90. Veil of verdancy.
  91. flaming carrot,  mythkeepers walkers.
  92. Couch potatoes, mythkeepers walkers.
  93. Spidersilk,  relentless footguards.
  94. Seal of the tundra,  veil of verdancy.
  95. Athame of the allfather.
  96. Tunic of terror.
  97. Athame of the allfather,  mooshu broccoli.
  98. Veil of verdancy,  spidersilk
  99. Golden ring of valour, honeysickle.
  100. Athame of the allfather,  boom shroom.

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