Sunday, 1 September 2013

Happy 5th Birthday: Wizard 101

Well firstly,  a very well wished Happy 5th Birthday to Wizard 101.  Hip, hip hooray.

Sadly it's been a long time between posts. ( Yup nearly a year .) We have had a lot of family health issues to sort out. Wizard has still been played in our household but I just did not really have it in me to type out any posts. There have obviously been a lot of changes that have occurred in wizard during this missed posting period. New worlds, new mounts, pet changes, new dungeons, the introduction of housing music etc. I don't see much point in me trying to catch up/run through each of these as they have been given quite excellent coverage by other bloggers. Hopefully, I am back now on a permanent basis.

Now back to the fun wizarding celebrations! Don't forget Wizard 101 wants you to join in with the party. To get your free party Cannon make sure to head to to the Wizard 101 website.  You will also be given a second free gift,  what you get depends on how long you have been a member.

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