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Baron Greebly, Music Lover: No, Really!

I decided a while back apart from my pet farming/hatching, that exploring some areas/farming bosses that I may have previously skimmed through or completed quickly might prove beneficial, maybe even enlightening. So my first boss I choose was Baron Greebly.  You may wonder why I choose him?  ( Well there was a boss list on wikipedia, I closed my eyes and pointed )
As you may know,  Baron Greebly is a boss found in the first world of wizard, Wizard City and has made his home in Colossus Boulevard. If you are Mindy Pixiehorns quests to find stinkweed, you'll find a lot around his tower. You can also often find the reagents mistwood, deep mushrooms and red mandrake close by.

Baron Greebly Dying
So as I hadn't farmed him before and wasn't sure he'd drop anything of note, I decided that I would have 100 fights and I'd keep a tally of the items dropped. One item he dropped did actually surprise me. It was the Honey Sickle plant ( only dropped once by the baron on our 31st combat ). I actually thought this had been withdrawn from wizard, maybe its just being that long since I came across some!  If you are into your wizard music he also dropped both the Wizard City Combat theme

( first dropped by the baron on 4th combat )
And the Grumpy Gobblers theme

( first dropped by the baron on our 35th combat ).
Other items of note were Greebly's frost wand.

( first dropped by the baron on our 17th combat )

 And Greeblys gemstone.

( first dropped by the baron on our 5th combat )

A quick summery of the dropped items :
The most popular item that Greebly dropped was the Swooping necklace.  Which was dropped a staggering 20 times out of 100 fights.  Even taking into account that Baron Greebly often dropped more than one item a battle thats still a pretty popular item.

For those who want to know every item dropped and how many times,  the data is below.

Blooming hat - 14
Helm of stability - 1
Greebly's Windshroud - 1
Soft Hood - 1

Cloak of the Watchful - 16
Cloak of calamity - 1

Shoes of the Troll King - 15
Martyrs Wraps - 1
Barons vivacious shoes - 2
Soft Boots - 2
Soot Stained Boots - 1
Soldiers Wraps - 1
Slippers of rites - 1

Amethyst studded athame - 13
Greebly's steak Knife - 1

Treasure Cards
Gobbler - 10
Ghoul - 1
Scarab - 1

Greeblys Frost Wand - 4

Flawed opal band - 2
Barons sparkling ring - 1
Flawed pearl ring - 1

Bone - 4

Carved endtable - 2
Wizard City combat theme, musical scroll - 10
Tall Sundae - 2
Crate of pies - 3
Maple tree - 3
Prop house 2 - 1
Grumpy gobblers theme, musical scroll - 4
Frozen stone tower - 1
Honeysickle ( Seed ) - 1

Pet snacks
Blonde strawberry - 2
Gummy firecat - 5
Cheese Broccoli - 1
Chocolate covered strawberry - 1

Swooping necklace - 20
Greebly's gemstone - 2

Even after 100 combat events, its too few to say that this is a definitive list of every item dropped by Baron Greebly or to ascertain an overall percentage for the drop rate of an item. However, I think it definitely highlights what you are likely to get as well as a few more choice items you may want to work at getting. ( Just remember the guys at wizard can add and remove items from the game ) If you really want to go into the 100 battle drops any further I have the fight number and tally of items received below.

Battles and drops tally Baron Greebly:
  1. Amethyst studded athame.
  2. Carved end table.
  3. Flawed opal band, Blooming hat, Gobbler TC.
  4. Swooping Necklace, Wizard City combat theme.
  5. Greebley's gemstone.
  6. Cloak of the watchful.
  7. Shoes of the Troll King
  8. Cloak of the watchful.
  9. Cloak of the watchful.
  10. Shoes of the Troll King.
  11. Swooping necklace, Gobbler TC.
  12. Shoes of the Troll King.
  13. Martyr's Wraps, Barons vivacious shoes.
  14. Blooming hat.
  15. Blooming hat, Bone
  16. Blonde Strawberry, Shoes of the Troll King, Wizard City combat theme.
  17. Greebly's frost wand.
  18. Amethyst studded athame.
  19. Tall Sundae.
  20. Helm of stability, Greeblys frost wand.
  21. Cloak of calamity, Blooming hat, Wizard city combat theme.
  22. Greebly's windshroud.
  23. Amethyst studded athame.
  24. Blooming hat, Ghoul TC.
  25. Swooping necklace.
  26. Blooming hat.
  27. Amethyst studded athame.
  28. Blooming hat, Wizard City combat theme.
  29. Shoes of the troll king.
  30. Soft boots, Swooping necklace.
  31. Maple tree, HONEYSICKLE ( rare plant drop )
  32. Amethyst studded athame.
  33. Swooping necklace.
  34. Gummy firecat, Swooping necklace, Wizard City combat theme.
  35. Grumpy Gobblers theme, Greeblys frost wand.
  36. Frozen stone tower.
  37. Blooming hat.
  38. Swooping necklace.
  39. Shoes of the Troll King.
  40. Cloak of the watchful.
  41. Cheese Broccoli, Tall sundae.
  42. Bone, Swooping necklace.
  43. Maple tree
  44. Blonde strawberry, Cloak of the Watchful.
  45. Swooping necklace.
  46. Gummy firecat, Gobbler TC, Amethyst studded athame.
  47. Greeblys Steak Knife, Wizard city combat theme.
  48. Cloak of the watchful.
  49. Bone, swooping necklace.
  50. Soldiers wraps, Shoes of the Troll King.
  51. Greeblys frost wand.
  52. Cloak of the watchful.
  53. Shoes of the Troll king, Wizard City combat theme.
  54. Soft hood, blooming hat, Grumpy gobblers theme.
  55. Prop House 2, Scarab TC, Swooping necklace.
  56. Cloak of the watchful, Gobbler TC.
  57. Amethyst studded athame.
  58. Maple tree, Gummy firecat.
  59. Swooping necklace.
  60. Flawed opal band, Blooming hat.
  61. Amethyst studded athame.
  62. Shoes of the Troll King.
  63. Swooping Necklace.
  64. Swooping Necklace
  65. Swooping Necklace.
  66. Crate of pies.
  67. Greeblys gemstone, Wizard City combat theme.
  68. Shoes of the Troll King.
  69. Soft boots, cloak of the watchful.
  70. Swooping necklace, Wizard City combat theme.
  71. Amethyst studded athame.
  72. Gummy firecat, Barons vivacious shoes, Grumpy gobblers theme.
  73. Gobbler TC, Blooming hat.
  74. Swooping necklace.
  75. Amethyst studded athame.
  76. Blooming hat.
  77. Shoes of the Troll King, Gobbler TC
  78. Crate of pies, Gobbler TC
  79. Barons sparkling ring.
  80. Blooming hat.
  81. Shoes of the Troll King.
  82. Amethyst studded athame.
  83. Amethyst studded athame.
  84. Slippers of rights, shoes of the troll king.
  85. Swooping necklace.
  86. Cloak of the watchful.
  87. Carved endtable.
  88. Amethsy studded athame, Flawed pearl ring.
  89. Swooping necklace.
  90. Swooping necklace.
  91. Cloak of the watchful.
  92. Cloak of the watchful, Gummy firecat, Bone
  93. Crate of pies.
  94. Shoes of the Troll King.
  95. Chocolate strawberry, Cloak of the watchful, Wizard City combat theme.
  96. Soot stained boots, Cloak of the watchful, Gobbler TC, Gobbler TC.
  97. Blooming hat
  98. Shoes of the Troll King, Grumpy gobblers theme.
  99. Cloak of the watchful, Gobbler TC
  100. Cloak of the watchful.

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