Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I Wanna Foo Dog - The Kirins Hoard Pack

Realising that the little niggling voice at the back of my mind wasn't going to shut up about how great those Foo Dogs looked I finally relented and bought some Kirins Hoard packs.  ( well when I say some I mean a lot of Kirins Hoard packs ).  Now I don't know if its just me having a bit of good luck,   but those packs were loaded with pets.  Not all Foo Dogs Sadly.  I ended up with  Goat monks,  Brown Spiders,  Ninja pigs,  Life ghouls, Yellow ghosts, Yellow Elves and one Foo Dog.  It's a myth one,  or rather an Imperial Foo Dog called Sierra, who gets a cyclops card at baby.

Imperial Foo Dog

The Imperial Foo dogs possible talents are as follows ( The below info is taken from the  Petnome website, )

1   1
2   2
3   3
4   4
5   5
6   6
7   7
9   9

 I haven't trained her yet so and not really sure of her loved pet snacks,  but fingers crossed when I do begin to train her she will manifest some useful talents.  There are six different Foo dogs to collect and I so want some more hopefully I will get lucky with some hatches.  I already have one failed attempt :(  It would have been an ice one.  Anyway back to the Kirins Hoard pack I didn't get a mount but I did get some great new gear.  I love my new look,  no weapons were picked up,  but that Rokugo Helmet well I love it.

Wow, new look for me.
The stats for the outfit are below
I'm not wearing the helmet for the stats it gives me - I just love the look.

The military look is so in.
Yes, I was lucky enough to get both these.

I've thrown in some screen shots of some of the Kirins Hoard packs I picked up below
There's my Foo Dog pick up.

Hmm not the best pack, but did get a Goat Monk pet.

A double pet pick up - not too bad.
To be honest I may buy a few more of these packs.  I really do like those Foo Dogs and the packs do seem to be loaded with pets and I am all about the pets.   Anyway thanks for reading - I'm off to try to find out what my Foo Dog loves snack wise.


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  2. what does the symbol on the foo dog mean??????????/

    1. The Symbol In The Right? Means its A Myth Pet, Or What Ever Class It Is.

  3. I got 4 foo dogs and lots of yellow ghosts and 2 jade onis pets with 10000 crowns