Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Gardening, Questing And Crafting With Pets In Mind

As mentioned in my last post, I have decided to concentrate on a few select pets, raising them all the way to epic without the aid of any mega snack packs. Let's be honest using mega snack packs is probably the fastest, most time efficient way of training your pet. True,  there is a large cost of crowns and you never know what you are going to receive in the mega snack pack,  but you don't need that many mega snacks to get a pet to at least adult. However,  with a little patience you can still get great pet snacks in a variety of ways and keep crowns for other precious purchases. I have decided to garden, craft and battle my little wizard heart out and see how far along I can raise my new pets.

Concentrating On My Fierce Hound.

This was one of the pets that I mentioned I would be raising in my last post. My fierce hound Mister Rusty is a death pet so obviously likes death snacks. Fierce hounds seem to be a relatively health conscious pet as they also like their vegetable snacks. So by feeding him death vegetable type snacks I am giving him the snacks he loves the most, which in turn gives me valuable extra pet XP points after each feed.
The list of loved pet snacks for the fierce hound I have so far observed are  Dastardly Radishes ( Rank 6 Snack ), Cauliflowers ( Rank 5 Snack ), Orange Jalapenos ( Rank 2 snack ) and Evil Carrots ( Rank 1 Snack ). 
You can usually find all the above loved snacks in the bazaar and simply purchase them with gold. Though Dastardly Radishes can sometimes be a little more tricky to find in there. Cauliflowers the lower Rank 5 snack are often available and usually tend to be reasonably priced around the 800 mark, which is great as they give 8 XP points per snack. I have also been getting a lot of the cauliflowers as drops from street fights in Winter Tusk.

Cauliflowers, not as cheap as they can usually befound in the bazaar. 

Dastardly Radish, very sinister with a moustache!

Gardening With My Fierce Hound In Mind.

All of the above snacks can be harvested from my garden,  I have been concentrating on harvests of the dastardly radish and the cauliflowers for the higher XP points.
Grapes of wrath, yes they are a pain to grow, often yield dastardly radishes. Grapes of wrath are abit unusual as they dislike garden gnomes, but I have been speeding up their growth with a fickle pickle, they also like the crafted weapons rack. 

The relatively easy to grow prickly bear cactus often produces caulifowers along with many other great pet snacks. I am speeding up their growth by placing a pile of sand by them. Once you have one prickly cactus they almost always drop another seed you can go on almost indefinately with them.

Liked pet snacks which can be harvested or crafted that will give your hound experience of over 5 XP points each feed are listed below.
Crab apples – Rank 8 Snack – Very rare harvest from the prickly bear cactus.
Killer tomato – Rank 7 – Burning Snap Dragon, Purple & Red Grapes of Wrath.
Dr JalapeƱo – Rank 7 – Red Bell Pepper
Raising Bran Cereal – Rank 6 – A crafted snack – Recipe available from Darina Bloodflame found in dragonspyre ( The Atheneum  In The Boot Shop, You can also pick pets up from here ).  Crafted using basic crafting table.

Raising Bran - Rank 6 Snack

Rock and Roll Candy- Rank 5 – king Parsley, can be crafted the recipeis available from Yachi the snack recipe vendor in Mooshu ( main shopping area just after entrance ).
Dagwood sandwich - Rank 5 - Crafted snack recipe from Yachi.
Taco Town Special – Rank 5 – Harvest from fickle pickle. It can also be crafted. Recipe from Yachi

Taco Town Special - Rank 5 snack

Another way of training any pet quickly without mega snacks.

OK I so I've mentioned how I am trying to get some of the best loved and liked snacks for the fierce hound. There is another way to level pets up without using mega snacks, it can be wasteful, but it can be very fast. Just feed it everything, throw everything at it that rates high on pet xp points. You will not get any extra bonus points for feeding liked or loved snacks, but you still get points! It's amazing over a period of time how many snacks can build up in your back pack. It's a quick way of cleaning them out.  There are concerns that using this method can make your pet more likely to manifest a selfish talent.  But there is no concrete proof of this.  So if you are in a rush go for it.  
Thanks for reading :)


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  3. Thanks you helped me a lot, and I finally managed to get my pet to mega! Thanks a bunch, I'll tell my friends to visit this site!