Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy New Year - Abit late

Hi everyone, sorry about the long gap between posts, but once the children break up from school its very difficult to find time to do anything. I hope you all had a great Christmas and have had a wonderful New Years. I have been making slow but sure progress throughout the worlds of the spiral. My life wizard is about to face Mailstaire, again. This time its actually my quest yay! I have previously helped out others with Mailstaire before I'd got the quest. The good thing is due to this I think I've worked out a few tricks for completing that tricky dungeon. So now its my life wizards turn I'm hoping things run smoothly and maybe this time I'll get the life robe. ( Fingers crossed ). I have however been helping out my husband in Celestia and Wintertusk a lot with my life wizard and have been picking up some great clothing drops from there. So by the time I get my life robe from Malistaire I'll probably have reached a high enough level to wear that stuff and Malistaire's life robe won't really be my best clothing option anymore.
I have obtained quite a few more pets during the Christmas period, I never managed to get a Christmas pet in the end but did get my level 48 life pet The Satyr, a Rain Beetle, a Life Beetle, a Fire Serpent, a Fierce Hound, a Starfish and three more Storm Cats. 

Rain Beetle - Hopefully some good talents.

My Fierce Hound - Have a feeling he's not going to manifest spritely :(

Fluffy The Starfish - He looks weirdly naked from the back view!

I bought the Starfish for gold from the pet vendor in Celestia. The Life beetle and Fire serpent were dropped pets. The storm cats were all failed attempts at new pets but two have spritely in their parentage as well as other great traits I may train them up all the way to epic to see what they manifest and dish them out to my other wizards. The Rain Beetle and Fierce hound were successful hatches.

I am also looking forward to hopefully the elder harvest of one of my boon trees today. – I have heard they can drop pets, 7 day mounts as well as mega pet snacks. I am hoping this is true, I have not had much luck with these at all. I've managed to kill them so many times, I just haven't been able to get online so alas they have perished and been bought back from the dead a lot. So at my elder harvest they will probably give me nothing for being the worst gardener ever!

I'm really sorry boon trees for making Christmas a time of death for you.
 Thanks for reading.

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