Thursday, 26 January 2012

Free Permanent Blood Raven Mount Giveaway

Just to let you all know Wizard 101 over at facebook have a new epic giveaway a free permanent Blood Raven Mount.  Is all you have to do is attend their event/giveaway.  I have posted the link and blurb below - It's worth a try but hurry as the event closes on Friday at 15:00

 Attend this Facebook event for a chance to win 1 Permanent Blood Raven Mount. This week we're giving away 1 Permanent Raven Mount for our Weekly Giveaway! Each winner will be given one code that will grant them 1 Permanent Blood Raven Mount. This is the TWO person Mount currently only available through chance in the Raven Hoard pack.

All you have to do is click the "Join" button on the Event Page, and Friday afternoon we will randomly choose 15 lucky attendees to receive a code through Facebook for the items.

You don't have to be online at the time of the event to be eligible, just click "Join" and those randomly chosen will be sent a Facebook Message on Friday. 

Ravens Hoard Pack - A Little Review

Well I finally gave in and bought a few.  I didn't get a mount or the moonflower both of which I was hoping for  ( I have heard mixed reviews of the moonflower,  but I still wanted one ).  But I have to admit I was really pleased,   I received two pets a grumpy snowman ( card at baby ) and the Storm Bird ( card at ancient ). 

Ah a grumpy snowman baby pet

Storm Bird - Only need Ice bird now to complete my bird collection !!!

I also was lucky enough to get the greatly desired bow. I really love it.  It's an ice weapon giving six hits of 100 damage as well as two  ice traps.  I tried to capture some images of me using it,  but I could only seem to get the angle from my back. So heres me holding it.


Me holding the bow - looks amazing when I use it.
I also recieved alot of housing items in the ravens hoard packs I bought,  usually I am dissapointed when this happens as I'm primarily purchasing the packs for mounts, seeds and pets.  But this time I was really pleased.  I loved the furniture items.  I picked up a cuckoo clock, some cool wallpapers a teleporter ( wow ) and a chicken coop which has an adorable baby chicken that runs around. ( As well as a few other bits and bobs ).

I've come for your eggs
The cuckoo clock and the chicken coop have an active visual action,  unlike some items of furniture,  which are just really showy pieces.  Which made me think about other furniture items I'd picked up recently and what I would love to see more of.  Around Christmas I purchased the milk and cookies item and loved the fact that you could eat the cookies and drink the milk. You actually got to interact with an item in your home.

Just about to gobble up some cookies.

I would personally like more interactive items.  I would love to see lights/lamps that you could switch on or off,  chairs that you could sit in.  I would love wallpaper that gradually performed an action.  I have a cloudy sky one below and would love it if the clouds slowly moved across the screen and I would simply adore a night sky wallpaper with stars that twinkled slowly on and off.

Blue sky wallpaper,  not sure how it ended up with dark corners on the picture?
Perhaps one of the things I would love to see the most in terms of housing would be items your pets could interact with.  Such as bedding/baskets,  perches for the birds.  Items they could play with balls,  squeeky toys and so on.  I not exactly sure how this would work should items be able to be used by any pet,  or a specific item is only for a certain type of pet.  Either way I love the idea itself.

Thanks for taking the time to read.


  1. I always wanted one of these and actually begged my parents for crowns so this is my only chance to get this. I LOVE WIZARD101!!!!

  2. Your so lucky to get all this stuff :P, only good stuff I got was the moon flower and the chicken coop.

    1. Thanks, I really wanted the moon flower. I did have to buy a few packs :)