Tuesday, 10 January 2012

It's Official Christmas Is Definitely Over.

Felix Navidad has now left the spiral and the Christmas items have left the crown shop, roll on valentines. Wizard 101 have already introduced their first new product of the year the Ravens Hoard pack with lots of new items, I have lifted the blurb from wizard 101 and posted it below.  It all sounds great.

The new Raven's Hoard game card pack has more new exciting items than any other pack before! Each pack of 7 cards contains a chance to receive these new items plus pets, treasure cards, pet snacks, and ice themed items.
What's new in the Raven's Hoard Pack?
The Raven's Hoard Pack has two brand new mounts, the Raven Mount and the Blood Raven two person mount! There's also tons of new gear with different sets designed for energy, PvP and more. To go with your new gear, we have three new sets of weapons - an axe, a new sword, and the first bow weapon in Wizard101! For Wizards with a green thumb, there's also a brand new plant, the Moonflower! 

Blood Raven Mount.


What my wizards have been getting up to.
My life wizard has finally faced Malistaire and was the victor.  OK,  so she had a little help from friends, but he's done and dusted. Malistaires butt was thoroughly kicked, he has learned the error of his ways. Raising a dragon titan in order to resurrect a dead wife is a definite no no in polite society. Still no life robe drop from him though :(  My life wizard is actually questing in Celestia now, rather than jumping in on friends fights. She has not fought anyone yet, but I am looking forward to some epic battles. My ice wizard has progressed a little through Marylebone but thats about it on questing.

I spy,  with my great big enormous eye...

Malistaire,  nearly dead. ...

I finally managed to not kill my Boon trees by increasing my time on wizard and they both reached their elder harvest, yay :) I received quite a few happy holidaisy seeds, a couple of seven day mounts ( candy canes ), some mega pet snacks and two pets. An evil snowman and a frostman, as well as numerous wrapped gifts which I've put away in my houses loft until next Christmas. I've also now put away all my Christmas housing items. Everything, well everything I could remember anyway. I am slowly concentrating on raising a select few of the pets I managed to get over the Christmas period, I say slowly as I am trying to do this without purchasing any mega pet snacks I will see how far I can get through crafting, gardening and hopefully picking up pet snacks as drops.

My Fierce Hound -  Mister Rusty
This is one of the first pets I have decided to concentrate on. He was a result of hatching with my 2nd Generation Storm Cat, Lady Scout ( which is a storm cat mixed with a sea dragon ). Lady Scout has a pedigree of 68 and I have trained her up to ancient. So far her abilities are Pierce Monger, gives a remove positive card. Tower shield, pretty straight forward gives a tower shield card and dashing ( never mind ).

Storm Cat Sire of Mister Rusty

The fierce hound is primarily a death pet, so I am hoping to train him up for my fledgling death Wizard who is still languishing somewhere in Triton Alley. The original talents a fierce hound can manifest are pretty awesome.

1 1
2  2
3 3
4 4
5   5
6   6
7 7
8   8
9   9

The above information was taken from the Petnome Project website a truly excellent place to visit if your into your pets.

The Spritely Talent:
As you can see an original fierce hound has the spritely talent.  Spritely appears to currently be one of the most desired talents that a pet can have. Sorry for those who know what it is - it's when a pet has the ability to independently cast the sprite spell at any point during a battle. It appears to be triggered by attacks upon its the pets owner. However, as this is an independent talent there is no guarantee of when, how many times or even if a pet with spritely will cast its spell.  It's definitely a handy talent but a pet can still be great without it. 

Now I know that spritely is a talent/ability that the sire fierce hound of Mister Rusty had manifested. I noted it on the sire fierce hounds statistics/talents before I went ahead and hatched.   However, I have heard rumours that hatched 2nd generation fierce hound pets do not often manifest this talent. This would make sense after all Kings Isle want you to buy their game cards for the pet, rather than just hatch existing pets with each other for the ability. If the spritely talent is going to appear it usually shows up on the fierce hound once you have trained it to the 'Teen' level. I have trained Mister Rusty to adult and still no appearance of Spritely, so it seems he may not get that talent. 

Not bad so far,  just please leave out dashing...

I am not really upset about this as he has the death shot and tower shield as abilities so far. I also know that even if Mister Rusty does not manifest the spritely talent it is in his parentage, so it may appear through hatching with other pets.
Thanks for reading I'm off to train my pet :)

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