Saturday, 10 December 2011

Farming For Christmas Gear

I have been farming Lord Nightshade a lot over this past week in the hopes of receiving some Christmas Gear without having to spend any precious crowns. I have heard rumours on the message boards of some of the bosses dropping Christmas pets but these appear to be only rumours. No one appears to have directly received one, rather they know someone who says they have. So no real substantiated proof yet. There does appear however to be a lot more buzz about him dropping bits and pieces of the Santa suit. I have not been lucky enough to earn any of these items yet. I am able to happily confirm that he does drop the Christmas wands, though these are very rare drops. I have managed to pick up the nutcracker wand, the sweet staff, the ornamental paper staff and the candle wand. That’s the good news – the bad news is it took just over 250 battles for him to drop these. So he is dropping Christmas items, just not very often. I just love the nutcracker wand, soo cute.

Candle Wand    

Sweet Staff

The Nut Cracker Wand - Too Cute.

The Ornamental Paper Wand.

What to do with all that Gold?

After failing to acquire any Christmas pets from boss drops ( I am now pretty sure they Christmas pets are not dropped. ) I spent some time at the hatchery hoping to find another wizard with one of the Christmas pets who was willing to hatch with me. Sadly although there were a lot of the new pets at the hatchery, I just kept on coming across babies.  So still no Christmas pets for me :(
After all the Lord Nightshade farming I had quite a surplus of gold and received some great offers from other wizards for hatching with my Storm Cat.  OK he is no run of the mill storm Cat I hatched him up with my Sea Dragon as a result he has some great stats.  Through these recent hatchings I now have a red gobbler - quite a low pedigree pet initially.  But he is really sweet looking so I couldn't resist,  he actually came out with a pedigree that wasn't too bad after hatching.  I am not sure what talents he will produce as I have not trained him yet but am looking forward to finding out.

Isn't he adorable.

The second pet I gained was an Evil Sandman - I am really pleased with this one overall.  This was once a crowns pet that I believe has now been discontinued.  I have trained him to adult,  no outstanding abilities so far,  but no selfish talents either and he came out with a high pedigree so I don't think he will manifest any!  He also has a the sandstorm card at baby which is a great little bonus.  

Thanks to those who hatched with me.  I have not given up on the Christmas drops yet - so watch this space.


  1. Ohh well done - Did You get them from drops?

  2. i got a candy cane wand from lord nightshade!

  3. I have gotten some hoilday drops before but I probably fed them to my pet

  4. I finally did it last year. I got, I believe, every single Christmas Pet from Lord Nightshade. It took a lot of farming.