Saturday, 3 December 2011

End of Krokotopia, Planting, Crafting and Mistakes...

The End of Krokotopia
Finally my Ice wizard has finished Krokotopia, I had set apart a night to complete Krokopatras dungeon but finished it in about 25 mins. I remember how long it took me the first time I completed it using my Fire Wizard so I am guessing I am improving. Picked up a lot of pink dandelions from drops, but no more pets and nothing outstanding in the way of equipment.   Well Roll on Marleybone.

Krokopatras Demise

Have I got Sand In my Hair?

Gardening, Gnomes, Blue Yarn and Weapons Racks.
Well just a few updates on my gardening progress. I have been beavering away in my garden with my life wizard for a while now and reached the rank of master gardener. Apart from planting my plants and making sure they are next to plants they like I haven’t really done much else for them. So I recently picked up some gnomes knowing they make the plants happier. After this I decided to do a few more things for them. I had heard that Blue Yarn, a drop in Marylebone makes any type of dandelion a lot happier. So having picked up this item awhile ago on my life wizard placed it by them and yes it appeared as a like and the dandelions are growing faster!

Thanks for the wool

After the success of the blue yarn,  I decided to help improve the happiness of my honeysickles.  I had already surrounded them with the plants they like and had read I think on Wiki that they also liked the crafted Weapons rack.  Now I have never crafted anything other than the items specified in my crafting quests,  it was about time I took the initiative and did some I thought.  So I picked up the crafting recipe from Felicia Worthington in Marleybone,  then realised I needed a housing crafting table.  I picked this up from Mooshu at the housing shop.  All ready, to go then - luckily I have been doing lots of farming as the recipe for the weapons rack requires alot of ectoplasm,  44 pieces and a fair bit of scrap iron.  Anyway weapons rack was dutifully crafted and placed by the honeysickes and yipee, it does make them happier.  This has given me the drive to spend alittle more time exploring both the gardening and crafting both of which had been neglected.

Happy Honeysickle :)

Another Huge Mistake By Me - Mutation Spells
I have decided to share my many mistakes and misadventures,  many would keep them to themselves.  But if it helps prevent someone else making the same mistake its worth it.  I have been saving all my gold very carefully on my ice wizard,  I want the ice house and don't want to pay crowns.  So I just have to save 100,000 gold,  it can be done. ( I managed it with my life house ).
However,  I am a great fan of the fire elf spell,  it's great for taking shields off.   Now I know there is an ice elf spell.  Wouldn't it be great if my ice wizard had some of those I thought. I have the Fire Elf spell on my Ice wizard as a result of obtaining the Elven Pendant which gives me the spell card.  I have not paid much attention to them before but am aware of the ' mutate ' treasure cards. I knew there was a mutate elf card, I can just mix this with my fire elf card, it's just what I need I thought. At 800 gold coins each from the Bazaar they are not cheap but I think well worth it in the long run so I spent most my hard earned gold savings on ten of them, yup that’s 8000 gold on the mutate fire to ice elf spell. This all seemed like an excellent idea at the time, but no it was a complete waste of gold and a massive amount of gold at that. I can't use the spell!!!!!! The Fire Elf spell is not a spell I have trained from my schools, its from a treasure item so cant be mixed, just like treasure card spells cant be combined. I really should have thought of this first or just bought one and tried it out so its completely my fault, but I am still gutted.   And so now I know the mutate spells only work on spells you are trained in.
Elven Pendant + Mutate Ice Elf = Stupid mistake
Only 8000 Gold down. Great!!!

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