Sunday, 19 June 2011

And Back Again..... Finally

Well after the families never ending cold....My poor PC was feeling totally left out.  So he decided to join the sick club, however he went totally over the top.   My computer joined us made its own little sick bed, lay down in it and then sadly died!!!!
After lots of my mourning, cussing,  crying,  shouting ' why me,  why us, we were meant to be together.  I went through several stages loss, denial, guilt, acceptance anger... followed by more anger,  abit more denial,  then rage lots of rage.
I tried to find out ways of reviving my poor deceased PC,  I could not abandon my poor little one,  my wizard provider,  my contact with the whole world.  Then I realised it would cost almost the same to fix as a shiny new one on special offer.  So ' hi new computer,  yay'.
After not being online for nearly a month I actually feel like I have being living in a cave,  in the dark,  like a total hermit.  I find out a whole pet thingy on wizard has came and gone!!! Shocking !!!
My characters have been out of action so long I almost had to dust the cobwebs from them and help wipe the sleep out their glazed eyes.
Anyway what did I do with almost a month offline,  after biting away all my nails I realised I needed an alternate hobby and funnily enough went with art.  Not just looking at it either,  actually trying to do some art.  Which when we think about this logically,  in some ways was an obvious choice my partner paints,  my children love painting at school.  Why not give at a go?  On the other hand I cannot remember painting a picture beyond the age of about seven,  I don't know how to draw or paint,  but I went with it and found out I seem to obsessed with painting dragons.  Granted they might not look much like dragons,  but who knows with abit of practice I might just get there.  More importantly I found its actually quite fun to paint.  Will promise to put some of my attempts up soon.  Have been promising to pretty up this blog for a while.  Now I'm back on line I will.

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