Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Pet feeding and what has happened to the Unicorn Statue?

Pet feeding
It's new and it's here. Are you making use of it yet? Those extra items in your backpack can now be fed to your pets. I have been giving it a go with mixed results.  I have been doing some seriously low level farming of Lady Blackhope in Unicorn way and instead of taking all of the loot back to the bazaar to sell decided to feed a lot of it to my pet with very mixed results. 
Spells, reagents, gold, very little if any pet experience. I tried feeding some of my higher level loot mainly ' level 45 ' items with very similar results. Their does not appear to be a set rule on what you will get. It is just like taking a gamble. If you feed your pet your chosen loot item and just get gold it will not be the same level of gold you would have received if you sold the item at the bazaar. It seems to be roughly about 20% of the value. If,  however you receive reagents or spells their value seems to be usually greater than that of the gold value ( at the bazaar of the item ) . 
As an example the low level loot item Cloak of Calamity can usually be sold for a profit of around 7 gold coins at the bazaar. Upon feeding it to my pet I received 2 gold coins, the next time I fed it to my pet I received a myth shield and an Imp treasure card. 

So you can win or loose, its not a lot of gold you miss out on with these lower level items, I would be abit more nervous about feeding the pet a supply of higher level loot, don't want to loose out on that much gold ! At the moment this method is not something I would recommend to be used to quickly level your pet up as pet experience seems to be quite rarely given. But it definitely is something I'll play around with for a little longer. 

The Unicorn Statue.
What has happened to the Unicorn statue drop? I know that Lady Blackhope used to drop a unicorn statue, my husband picked one up on his death wizard battling her. OK, it was a really long time ago. I decided my life wizards garden could do with some prettying up, a unicorn statue or two would be perfect I thought. Knowing that Lady Blackhope dropped one decided to farm her, it has being going on forever. Nearly two hundred battles now and no statue, I am beginning to think it has been retired as a drop, especially as I have been religiously checking the bazaar and not a whisper of one has been there either. Has it been discontinued? Who knows Lady Blackhope is giving nothing away.

I want a Unicorn statue, sob.
Why oh why wont you drop it, nearly 200 fights now.

Are you going to look for one for me?


  1. You cant get it because it can be bought with gold/crowns in the crown shop..

  2. YOu can get the unicorn statue from the crowns shop for gold you know :)

  3. In the words of Homer Simpson ' D'oh '

  4. To me, it kind of removes the story if you buy it from the crowns shop, am I right? And THANK YOU I now know I am not the only person who has farmed this girl 200+ times!

  5. OMG Anonymous person whoever you are totally agree, I hate buying something I should of just worked for. Its so much better after x amounts of fights when you finally get that reward.
    But so gutted I farmed her for soooooo long when there is no reward....

  6. LOL I tried this for the fun of it and it glitched. I got Unicorn statues in 5 battles, then my computer glitched and I turned it off.
    Lol that was yesterday december 18th 2011

  7. Hopefully its a sign they are thinking about returning it as a drop. Nothing here still.

  8. Ugh, I have never been able to get any Unicorn statue from it either. Sry.

  9. Does anyone know how to feed your pet without playing mini games?...Having a wee bit of a battle, with this one I am,...