Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Slow down - The Beetles do what???

Well, Wizard was going well. I had just reached Krokotopia with my Ice Wizard. My Life Wizard was beginning Dragonspyre and my Fire Wizard, well to be honest she has been languishing in Dragonspyre for a while, I will push her forward soon.
When disaster struck in the form of ' Chickenpox '! O.K I did not get chicken pox, my children did. All wizard questing on my behalf had to be put on hold as I dealt with three little sick spotty ones, and as they began to get better they all played wizard, whilst I began to feel strangely run down. I ignored this for a while and just got on with things until the overwhelming realisation overtook me. ' Hang on , I'm feeling really ill here ' followed by the second quick realisation ' Arghhh, my doctors closes over the weekend. ' It was Friday night. When I finally got to see the doctor on Monday it was confirmed I had tonsillitis, my tonsils by this point had turned gross and oozy. Finally, I got my penicillin medicine and could begin to try to get well. By this time, I now had access to wizard but was just feeling too poorly to play.....
Hence my low amounts of news to blog about wizard, things have obviously being happening Harvest Hannah has arrived, the new world Zafaria is now no longer a test realm but live... But other little things have been updated too, or so I believe.
In krokotopia with my Ice Wizard I picked up Zeke's beetle collecting quest, went on to find my first beetle. Now I nearly fell off my chair when the thing wiggled all of its legs at me. I will swear they never used to move and I have no idea when this update occurred, but it really wiggled. I have also launched a new death character, she is going well and is on Triton Avenue and the Smiths are moving now too!!! They seem to be breathing slowly in and out or just sighing now and then, again, either I never noticed before or they are now moving a little too.
                                          Ok You can't see it moving but that beetle is wiggling.

One more little piece of news my ice wizard picked up a pet first go fighting Krokenkahmen I got the inferno cat. Hopefully I will be able to make more progress this week.

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