Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Halloween is over...did you get your pets?...

Well it's official Spooky Bob has now left the spiral so if you did not complete your Halloween tasks.  I am afraid you will have to wait until next year.

Did I complete my tasks?  Did I get all my desired pets?
Well I'm afraid the simple answer to this is no.  I failed to receive the Black Cat Pet.  ( Dropped by Lord Nightshade during the Halloween season only ).  Now I know I could have given in and simply bought the Black Cat from Spooky Bob using crowns.  But to me that would of defeated the point.  Now,  after what is nearly a year of playing wizard I really enjoy earning my rewards/pets rather than simply buying them.  But hey that's just me!

In the end I battled with Lord Nightshade for nearly two weeks and received tons of stuff,  Many of the items were crowns drops.  I think I have every type of pumpkin mask available, a pirate, pumpkin, a kitty to name but a few.  I did manage to pick up some pets from him. Only one blue banshee,  but I ended up with nine Midnight Sprites!!!.

I did most of the farming with my life wizard I have recently reached Dragonspyre with.  And I am beginning to wonder if one of the draw backs of being a life wizard is a lower percentage of pet drops from battles.  She does seem to receive a large percentage of furniture,  much more than my other high level wizards  but when it comes down to pets she really seems to have drawn the short straw.  Now you may initially disagree and pick me up on the fact that I received nine midnight sprites.  But this was after weeks of battling hundreds of times and during this time I received only one blue banshee.  During this Halloween period I was also battling Baron Mordecai ( temporary Halloween boss ) in order to receive the Blue Cat Thug and The Greater Imp,  now I battled him about five hundred times in all ending up with six blue cat thugs,  but I could not get that Greater Imp.  I decided in the end to switch wizards and on the second battle with my fire wizard I had the Greater Imp. ( Then it was simply a matter of putting it into my shared bank, so my life wizard had the pet. )

 Now it could be simply bad luck over the Halloween period with my attempts at pet farming.  But my life wizard didn't pick up any dropped pets from battles until Mooshu,  my fire wizard had her first one in Krokotopia!!!!  If I get time I will try to look into this further....  But until then I will keep my fire wizard for pet farming.
Hope you all managed to get what you wanted over Halloween.

Still no Black Cat.... but tons of Sprites.....

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