Monday, 7 November 2011

Time to Quest With My Ice Wizard - Oh Dear

 And Now Time To Send My Ice Wizard Off On Adventures In The Spiral..... Ooops...

One of my eventual aims of the game is to work one of each type of wizard through the spiral. I currently have a life and fire wizard in Dragonspyre and have one of each type of other wizard set up. I allow my children, to design the way the wizard looks and pick the wizards name. 
Now my children who play on wizard are five and four respectively, I have a younger one he is too little to play wizard,  but does like to watch. The children have their own account and realising that they seemed more than capable of battling and getting around wizard city. I came up with an inspired ( OK evil plan ). I would let my children play on my newly created wizards,  let them do all of my lower level wizard city tasks like travelling around Unicorn way, meeting all the teachers in Ravenwood ( that tour gets a bit dull after the fourth time ) and would take control back over the wizards once they had the lower levels out the way. OK, its a lazy plan but I thought it would work for me. So after checking the other wizards stats, I noticed the ice wizard had reached level seven. ' Ah time to take over, I though to myself '
So after battling my way through Triton Avenue and starting Firecat Alley and winning a few nice furniture items I decided to get back to my dorm room and and arrange my loot.
Bit of a shock there, my dorm room was strangely empty. Empty of everything, not one scrap of furniture remained not even the pots by the door. I checked my ice wizards bank, nope they hadn't put the items in there. 
 Bemused I asked my children, ' Er where has all the stuff gone '
Pulling an angry looking face my eldest explained ' she lost a battle '
' Right you lost a battle, where's all her furniture '
' No she lost a battle, so we put all her stuff in the bin'

 Er Where' s all my furniture

And yes they had indeed trashed all her stuff. Now there is a lesson to be learned here and I fear it's not - If your character loses its not her fault its yours you are the controller.  Rather the lesson is play the game yourself, you can't moan at anyone else if you let them loose on your character.

Finding the Smiths - No Really where are they?
Ah,  back to the good old Wizard City quests.  I remember the finding the smiths quest I thought to myself,  it's going to be a piece of cake.

The quest is picked up from Zeke in the commons. Yes, that bit I remembered, so off I went to find the Smith's.  There are nine in all,  hid in various locations throughout Wizard City and your quest bar will help you by letting you toggle between the areas where you need still need to find the little guys.  Now I have completed this quest a few times but it was a while ago and I when it came down to it I couldn't remember where any of them where.  So I actually had to search for them.... Erghhhh,  thought I could just go and pick them out. Well anyway here's the locations for anyone who wants a pinch of help.

Come on Zeke where are they?

The Commons Smith
You can find him up at the fairgrounds, he is behind two of the tents close to a tree.

The Golem Court Smith.
Go Behind Golem Tower, close to to the Dragons Mouth Cave, right by a tree, again.

The RavenWood Smith.
Go behind the Myth School, close to the way to the Death School. He's close to the back wall by a bench.

The Shopping District Smith.
When you first enter the shopping district there are gaps between some of the buildings. Travel towards Olde Town and go through a gap on the right. Carry on walking through he is at the back by the wall.

The Olde Town Smith.
Find Gloria Krendell, its at the side of a building right by her.

The Unicorn Way Smith.
He is there close to the entrance of the Hedge Maze, as you enter on the left.

The Cyclops Lane Smith.
It's in the area where you have two guards and Nolan Stormgate. Go behind Nolan Stormgate into the grassy islands and stream. The Smith is at the back close to the wall.

The Triton Avenue Smith.
After the middle area of Triton Avenue with Susie Gryphonbone and Duncan Grimwater, you go over a bridge and up. Turn to your left as you are going up and run across the streams to the Smith.

The Firecat Alley Smith.
It's close to the Fireglobe theatre. Look to the right by the large cat statue.

The Colossus Boulevard Smith.
As you are heading to the gobbler palace, in a snowy patch before you reach the palace doors.

So now you've found all the Smiths back to Zeke for a valuble training point!!

My own little bit of good news after all this is my ice wizard has now reached Krokotopia,  she hasn't picked up a pet yet but fingers crossed for her journey through the land of the Kroks.

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