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Gnissa And Searching For Spiders

Gnissa Farming Results
I decided to farm Gnissa in Savarstaad pass/Grizzleheim ( my standard 100 farms ) as its said she drops spider pets.  Gnissa is a myth boss with 800 health, her minion is an ice webwood creeper.
Gnissa is a bit of a tricky boss to farm as first you have to catch her,  you can find her inside a hollow log,  surrounded by webwood creeper spiders close to Skathi and Wildroot. Also, Gnissa does not show up on the map,  her location is labelled on the map below,  the green teleporter takes drops you closest to her.

Being surrounded by webwood creepers makes Gnissa a little difficult to tag.  The amount of times I thought I had managed to reach Gnissa only to end up facing two webwood creppers, well it was alot!  Also Gnissa is not in a dungeon,  there is no sigil to stand on. So if she's not there ( she's already been fought in that realm ) you will need to either wait a while until she respawns or change realms.  Sadly I did not pick up a pet from Gnissa after 100 battles I did pick up some more couch potatoes,  which appear to be becoming a standard drop in Savarstaad Pass.  Just because I didn't pick up a pet doesn't mean she doesn't drop one,  I may just have been unlucky after all I remember, ( never being able to forget, shudder ) the 300+  fights it took to get my yellow ghost pet from  King Selfish himself AKA King Shemet Djeserit.  I will probably continue to farm her awhile and log the number of fights but not record the dropped items.  The most common item Gnissa dropped was the athame the Reapers quill,  she also drops alot of lower level pet snacks.

Gnissa midspell, aww look at the pretty lights!

And The Couch Potato Drop!

She killed our queen, whilst she screen captures the drop lets get her!

Fighting Gnissa aso greatly helped me to gain the badge the badge spiderbane,  yep I've now killed over 500 spiders!

Yep I don't like spiders, its official now.

A quick summary of Gnissas drops follows.

For those who want to know every item Gnissa dropped and how many times, the data is below;

Doomfollwers hat - 12
Cap of the lost heritage - 14
Circlet of fortune - 2
Cowl of the flameslinger - 3
Cap of dread - 2

Robe of elan - 10
Vestment of smoke -12
Tunic of atarxia - 1
Robe of elegies - 1
Vestment of serenity - 1
Drape of the white squall - 1
Thanatoid vestment - 1

Footguards of the disciple - 1
Boots of precipitation - 1
Striders of strife -2
Footgear of the firehaze - 2
Applicants shoes - 14
Slippers of diligence - 1
Ice-caked striders - 9
Hibernall footwraps - 1

Reapers quill - 16
Bodkin of fury - 1

Maelstroms Loop - 12
Seal of the tundra - 1

Pet snacks
Chocolate strawberry - 3
Meat soup - 8
Cheese Broccoli - 3
Tasty biscuit - 11
Taco - 4
Moon Pie - 8
Tomato soup - 1
Sugar donut - 2

Spidersilk - 5

Boomshroom - 1
Desparagus - 4
Couch potatoes - 1
Laugh a-dil - 1
Honeysickle - 1

Treasure cards 
Sniper - 1
Sprite - 3
Cyclops - 1
Weakness - 1
Pacify 1
Dryad - 1

Even after 100 fights, its too few to say that this is a definitive list of every item dropped by Gnissa or to ascertain an overall percentage for the drop rate of an item. However, I think it definitely highlights what you are likely to get as well as a few more choice items you may want to work at getting. ( Just remember the guys at wizard can add and remove items from the game ) If you really want to go into the 100 battle drops any further I have the fight number and tally of items received below.
  1. Boomshroom, doom followers hat, spidersilk
  2. Robe of elan
  3. Cap of the lost heritage
  4. Vestment of smoke
  5. Striders of strife, vestment of smoke, sniper TC
  6. cap of the lost heritage, footgear of the firehaze, sprite TC
  7. Vestment of smoke
  8. Circlet of fortune
  9. Cap of the lost heritage
  10. Vestment of smoke
  11. Applicants shoes, meat soup
  12. Slippers of diligence, reapers quill, cheese broccoli
  13. Cowl of the flameslinger, meat soup, vestment of smoke
  14. Reapers Quill
  15. tasty biscuit, cap of the lost heritage, cheese broccoli, tunic of atarxia
  16. Bodkin of fury, ice-caked striders
  17. Hibernal footwraps, ice-caked striders
  18. Meat soup, reapers quill, sprite TC
  19. Cap of the lost heritage
  20. Doomfollowers cap
  21. Desparagus, robe of elan
  22. Couch potatoes, reapers quill
  23. Reapers quill
  24. Maelstroms loop, taco
  25. Robe of elan
  26.  Meat soup, doomfollowers hat
  27. Desparagus, cap of the lost heritage
  28. Reapers quill, tasty biscuit
  29. Moon Pie, Robe of elan
  30. Doomfollowers hat
  31. Tasty biscuit, applicants shoes
  32. Desparagus, Maelstroms loop
  33. Doomfollowers hat
  34. Doomfollowers hat
  35. Maelstroms loop
  36. Moon Pie, applicants shoes
  37. Maelstroms loop
  38. Meat soup, Ice-caked striders
  39. Applicants shoes
  40. Robe of elegies, moon pie, robe of elan
  41. Maelstroms loop, tomato soup
  42. Applicants shoes
  43. Tasty biscuit, vestment of smoke
  44. Maelstroms loop, tasty biscuit
  45. Cap of the lost heritage, cyclops TC
  46. Applicants shoes
  47. Robe of elan, laugh a-dil, meat soup, boots of precipitation
  48. Doomfollowers hat
  49. Circlet of fortune, honeysickle
  50. Vestment of smoke
  51. Moon pie, cap of the lost heritage, ice caked striders
  52. Doomfollowers hat, meat soup
  53. Reapers quill
  54. Cap of the lost heritage
  55. Doomfollowers hat, moon pie
  56. Vestment of serenity, robe of elan
  57. Cap of the lost heritage, chocolate strawberry, cowl of the flameslinger
  58. Ice-caked striders
  59. Meat soup, reapers quill
  60. Footguards of the disciple
  61. Reapers quill
  62. Tasty biscuit, applicants shoes, taco
  63. Vestment of smoke
  64. Applicants shoes
  65. Moon pie,  doomfollowers hat
  66. Tasty biscuit, striders of strife,ice-caked striders
  67. Moon pie, drape of the white squall, cap of the lost heritage
  68. Reapers quill
  69. Thanatoid vestment, vestment of smoke
  70. Ice-caked striders
  71. Robe of elan
  72. Cap of the lost heritage, cowl of the flameslinger, sugar donut
  73. Spidersilk, reapers quill, weakness TC
  74. Maelstroms loop, taco
  75. Applicants shoes, chocolate strawberry
  76. Doomfollowers hat
  77. Vestment of smoke
  78. Vestment of smoke
  79. Ice caked striders, sugar donut
  80. Robe of elan, cheese broccoli
  81. Reapers quill, desparagus
  82. Vestment of smoke, footgear of the firehaze
  83. Applicants shoes
  84. Maelstroms loop, pacify TC
  85. Doomfollowers hat, moon pie
  86. Seal of the tundra, sprite TC, Applicants shoes, spidersilk
  87. Applicants shoes, spidersilk
  88. Reapers quill, spidersilk
  89. Reapers quill
  90. Applicants shoes
  91. Reapers quill, spidersilk
  92. Maelstroms loop
  93. Robe of elan, taco
  94. Dryad TC, cap of dread, ice-caked striders, tasty biscuit
  95. Tasty biscuit, maelstroms loop
  96. Applicants shoes
  97. Maelstroms loop
  98. Cap of the lost heritage, tasty biscuit
  99. Maelstroms loop, tasty biscuit
  100. Cap of the lost heritage.

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