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Gurtok Barrier Demon The High Lord Of Train Sets.

Gurtok Barrier Demon 100 Battles Farming Results.

With a pet in mind I decided to commit to my standard 100 farming combats with the Gurtok Barrier Demon.  He was rumoured to drop the fire bat pet.  You can find him in Grizzleheim - Ravenscar,  he's a fire boss with 7000 life points.  He doesn't have a minion and forms part of the blood brother quest line.  A couple of things if you do decide to fight/farm him,  he does indeed drop the firebat pet ( Only took until the 82nd fight, Sigh ).  He also drops a nice housing item,  the small toy train set ALOT.  When I say alot I mean it,  it was literally every other fight.  Really 49 fights out of the 100 he dropped that train set!  Whilst its a nice housing item,  it has sound and movement,  the cute little train whizzes around its track,  it becomes really boring if thats all your getting. Still I gritted my teeth, stuck it out and got the pet in the end.  ( Good things aren't supposed to be easy after all are they! ) 
Gurtoks most common drops were the forementioned toy train and the reagent ectoplasm.

Gurtok pre battle

 If you have already fought Gurtok you will need to reset him for battle by clicking 'x ' on any of the braziers in his lair

Go on take another train!
The highlights of Gurtoks drops
Small Toy Train drop
Another Train set, it can go with the other squillion, thanks.

Evil Snow Peas Drop
Yay it wasn't a train
Fire Bat Pet Drop
And finally a firebat, phew.

 A quick summary of the Gurtock barrier demons drops follows.

 If you want to know every item Gurtok dropped and how many times, the data is below;

Headdress of expiry - 7
Cap of substinance - 7
Skystorm cowl - 5

Cloak of divination - 10
Smock of the haruspex - 6
Tunic of the everlasting - 5

Fuming striders - 5
Shoes of serenity - 7

Small toy train set - 49
Huge ice cream - 4

Pink laugh-a-dil - 4
Evil snow peas - 2

Pet snacks
Poncherello chips - 3
Spicy popcorn - 3
Golden candy bar - 4
Golden biscuit - 2
Fairy cake - 4

Fire bat - 1

Treasure cards
Scarecrow - 1

Ectoplasm - 11

Even after 100 fights, its too few to say that this is a definitive list of every item dropped by the Gurtok Barrier Demon or to ascertain an overall percentage for the drop rate of an item. However, I think it definitely highlights what you are likely to get ( a small toy train set ) as well as a few more choice items you may want to work at getting. ( Just remember the guys at wizard can add and remove items from the game ) If you really want to go into the 100 battle drops any further I have the fight number and tally of items received below.

  1. Small toy train, huge ice cream
  2. Small toy train
  3. Small toy train, poncherello chips
  4. Cloak of divination
  5. Cloak of divination
  6. Headdress of expiry, pink laugh-a-dil
  7. Fuming striders, scarecrow treasure card
  8. Cap of substinance
  9. Small toy train
  10. Small toy train
  11. Smock of the haruspex
  12. Headdress of expiry
  13. Small toy train, ectoplasm
  14. Small toy train, huge ice cream
  15. Small toy train, pink laugh-a-dil
  16. Small toy train
  17. Shoes of serenity
  18. Cloak of divination
  19.  Small toy train
  20. Skystorm cowl, pink laugh-a-dil, poncherello chips
  21. Small toy train, poncherello chips, ectoplasm
  22. Smock of the haruspex
  23. Small toy train, huge ice cream
  24. Small toy train
  25. small toy train
  26. Cloak of divination
  27. Small toy train
  28. Headdress of expiry
  29. Small toy train, spicy popcorn, ectoplasm
  30. Small toy train, pink laugh-a-dil
  31. Small toy train
  32. Fuming striders
  33. Small toy train
  34. Cloak of divination, golden candy bar
  35. Tunic of the everlasting
  36. Cap of substinance, ectoplasm
  37. Fuming striders
  38. Small toy train, spicy popcorn
  39. Fuming striders
  40. Cap of substinance
  41. Skystorm cowl
  42. Shoes of serenity, golden candy bar
  43. Skystorm cowl, ectoplasm
  44. Small toy train
  45. Shoes of serenity, golden biscuit
  46. Small toy train
  47. Small toy train
  48. Small toy train
  49. Fuming striders
  50. Shoes of serenity
  51. Small toy train
  52. Small toy train
  53. Cloak of divination
  54. Small toy train
  55. Small toy train
  56. Shoes of serenity, fairy cake
  57. Small toy train
  58. Small toy train
  59. Small toy train
  60. Tunic of the everlasting
  61. Small toy train, ectoplasm
  62. Small toy train
  63. Smock of the haruspex
  64. Small toy train
  65. Skystorm cowl
  66. Cloak of divination, spicy popcorn
  67. Headdress of expiry, golden candy bar
  68. Tunic of the everlasting
  69. Cap of substinance, huge ice cream, ectoplasm
  70. Small toy train
  71. Cap of substinance, ectoplasm
  72. Smock of the haruspex
  73. Headdress of expiry, evil snow peas
  74. Cloak of divination
  75. Small toy train
  76. Cloak of divination
  77. Small toy train, golden biscuit
  78. Shoes of serenity, ectoplasm
  79. Smock of the haruspex
  80. Small toy train
  81. Shoes of serenity
  82. Small toy train, Fire Bat Pet
  83. Tunic of the everlasting
  84. Cap of substinance, ectoplasm
  85. Small toy train
  86. Cap of substinance, fairy cake
  87. Small toy train
  88. Headdress of expiry, Evil snow peas
  89. Small toy train
  90. Small toy train
  91. Headdress of expiry, 
  92. Small toy train
  93. Shoes of serenity, fairy cake
  94. Skystorm cowl
  95. Smock of the haruspex
  96. Small toy train
  97.  Small toy train, fairy cake
  98. Small Toy Train
  99. Tunic of the everlasting
  100. Small toy train, golden candy bar

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