Saturday, 2 November 2013

Behind The Scenes At Hogwarts.

It's still on the topic of wizards but not those of Wizard 101, we recently had the amazing opportunity to check out the world of Harry Potter at the Warner Bros making of Harry Potter tour.  We decided not to tell the children we were all going so they awoke to a letter ( owl post ) inviting them to Hogwarts and travel trunks with the Gryffindor robes inside.

To say they were excited is a gross underestimation of the mood that morning.  We had to try and tone things down a little because as far as they were concerned they were off to the real Hogwarts, to stay.  As Connor explained ' No moms and dads allowed, I'll see you again at Christmas '

It really is a great place to visit and if you have an interest in Harry Potter you can spend a good few hours looking at all the props, effects and behind the scenes secrets.  On a side note it would have been nice to have more interactive objects as it was pretty much a look but don't touch deal. 

All dressed up outside, ready to go in.

In the great hall.

Waiting for lunch!

Wand selection, a testing time for the young wizard.

The 3D model they have of Hogwarts is amazing.  Its huge,  it blew the childrens minds, they were simply awestruck and I do think they will remember it for the rest of their lives.  Keira being a massive art fan just loved all the concept art drawings for the film as well as the secrets of the special effects.

Some items in the gift shop are a little pricey,  but somethings you just have to buy;

The every flavour beans, be afraid, be very afraid.
Yes these are genuinely every flavour beans,  I still have not yet recovered.  Or rather my tongue will never ever recover from the flavour ' dirt ' It took hours to get the taste out of my mouth and I didn't even eat the thing.  I just bit into it!  No amount of toothpaste, mouthwash or prayers could shift the taste.  It truly was a thing of evil. 

It was a bit of a let down leaving the magic behind to return to the muggle world.  Oh well,  time to start planning our next adventure!

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