Friday, 15 November 2013

New houses and pets levelled.

 New Houses -  Housing Tours Out Later Today!
Yay the housing tours are up and running as well as the new world Khrysalis.  I am really looking forward to the housing tours, as are the other members of our wizarding family!
 In terms of our own wizard housing, as well as the fire school house recently purchased for my fire wizard.  Due to incessant recent  farming, my ice wizard was also able to leave her dorms and obtain her first house. ( All houses have been bought with gold )  I went for an ice house, ( Cause shes ice! ). Its pretty much undecorated as yet, but I'm hoping to go for an eternal Christmas theme as the house provides the perfect backdrop for this.

Love the huge Titan statues in the background.
This means, I guess more farming ahead,  for lots of snowy pines and ice related furniture.  Oh well the farming never ends here.  One of my favourite things about the ice house is the hidden cave with a gobbler frozen in the ice.  If you watch him long enough he blinks.

He will blink in the Ice house!

I also levelled my enchanted armour pet to adult,  I knew he was a very, very mixed pet so had no idea what he might manifest.  He is beginning to look though he might be the perfect companion for my death wizard.

Another death related talent!

I will probably keep on levelling him up rather than hatching for different stats.  My death wizard pretty much takes care of her own healing,  so she is not really missing out not having a pet with a heal talent and the enchanted blade card he gives at baby is very, very handy!

Well I'm off to have a good nose around all those tour houses!

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