Monday, 11 November 2013

So What Exactly Is My Pet

Nightwalker, Deadly Nightwalker?

I have being levelling up my pet Nightwalker,  Queen Trixie. A successful new hatched pet from the hatchery when I realised that I wasn't exactly sure what she actually was.  The Nightwalker pet I had believed was a hybrid pet mix of Wraith and Orthrus,  that gives a Wraith card at baby.  But Trixie gives does not give a spell card until she has reached ancient,  the deadly minotaur card.

Queen trixie, Nightwalker without the Wraith card?
 Apparently there used to be a Deadly Nightwalker pet,  when the hatchery first came out that did give this card!  That pet has been retired,  so maybe Queen Trixie is some strange mix of the Nightwalker and Deadly Nightwalker or maybe she's just a fluke. Maybe all new hatches of the Deadly Nightwalker just get called a Nightwalker as the other pet is now retired. Who knows?  I can't find any reference to what the original retired Deadly Nightwalkers stats were like and a Nightwalker being a hybrid pet, only has a mix of its parents stats.  Either way I'm pleased with the talent Trixie manifested at adult, pain giver.

Queen Trixie getting Adult, Yay.

This leaves alot of epic talents left undiscovered on this Trixie,  so hopefully she'll manifest something worthwhile at ancient as well as giving me the Minotaur card.  To be honest she has not manifested anything from my Onyx Shenlong Dragon I used to hatch with,  but this pet has only be levelled up to ancient and was not a pure mix to begin with.

Trixies unfilled stats.
In order to speed Trixies levelling up along, I have been feeding her as many mega snacks as possible,  she also loves death candy snacks and even though cauliflowers isn't a death candy snack, she still gets a +7 rather than the +6 expected each time.  I guess I'll be concentrating alot more on my gardening for mega's and death candy pet snacks for the next couple of weeks.

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  1. i'm not exactly sure either (going to go to forums about this) except mine was a drop, and there is no page which caused me a lot of confusion, sadly i do no know who dropped it but i believe it was a grizzle dungeon boss