Tuesday, 29 October 2013

My Latest Pet Aquisitions

I thought I'd complete a mini update on some of my latest new/original  ( When I say new/original I mean not a duplication of any pets I currently own ) pet acquisitions.  Some have been bought, some farmed most hatched.
Earning loads of gold from my recent farming I had money to burn, literally.  Using gold I treated myself to some red barn farms, the wysteria mansion and a fire house for my fire wizard. Who was wondering why she didn't have her own school of magic home,  or at least I was informed she felt this way by my son!  I still had a ton of gold left so decided to hang out in the hatchery, one of my favourite pastimes anyway.  OK I did get a fair few duplications but in terms of original pets for myself, but from the hatchery I managed to acquire;

A Nightwalker,  which will give me the death minotaur spell at ancient,  she has a pretty good pedigree too With the very becoming name of Queen Trixie.

  I have levelled her up to teen and he has gained the ability ' drop it ' Pretty handy I suppose.

And a velociraptor.  I haven't levelled her up yet but she looks promising as a companion for my fire wizard.

A Meow Wing was also hatched,  she has unicorn and spritely so far as talents,  which are always useful.

My last,  but probably so far my favourite pet received from the hatchery was the enchanted armour

I am really pleased with this one as the card he gives at baby, enchanted blade lets you add 10% to your blade cards.  Which is a fantastic spell,  a word from the wise.  Use your blade when you get it,  I had a cunning plan to try to let the powered up blades once set up to fall back into my treasure deck.  So I could have an amazing arsenal of blades in my deck.  Great plan,  but no sadly this does not work.  They just disappear if they remain unused.

My farmed pets were the White Rat Magician from Spike the Crusher;

and a Firebat from Gurtok Barrier Demon.

From packs I picked up a scorpion pet,  his not yet levelled up and sorry will try to add a photo,  but he has been * cough * hidden away in one of my wizards houses  By my son playing the game of find where I hid our stuff.
I will let you know how they level up and perform,  so far though I just love that enchanted armour!

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