Friday, 18 October 2013

And Another Halloween Transformation Giveaway !!!!

It seems like at the moment mmorg and warcry are enjoying the same run of Wizard 101 giveaways.  Not that I'm complaining,  I think its wonderful.  Anyway after mmorgs giveaway earlier Warcry are now hosting their Halloween Transformation giveaway.
Again the giveaway is for two one hour temporary transformations.
They will generate a code you just need to enter on the wizard website. The two temporary transformations are randomly selected from the following list

  • Gobbler Transformation
  • Evil Snowman Transformation
  • Fire Elf Transformation
  • Skeleton Transformation
  • Clockwork Golem Transformation
  • Krokomummy Transformation
  • Ninja Pig Transformation
  • Cat Thug Transformation
  • Earth Colossus Transformation
  • Dark Fairy Transformation
  • Draconian Transformation
  • Fire Elemental Transformation
  • Magma Man Transformation
  • War Pig Transformation
  • Rat Thief Transformation
  • Fire Salamander Transformation
  • Skeletal Pirate Transformation
  • Wolf Scout Transformation
  • Wolf Warrior Transformation
  • Cyclops Transformation
  • Minotaur Transformation
 The giveaway has got limited numbers,  so quick get on over,  yes you do have to join their site,  but I think its a small price to pay :)   The giveaway isn't massive but does provide some free Halloween fun. In case you missed the 1st link to the giveaway here is another Warcry Halloween Giveaway

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