Sunday, 27 October 2013

Of Worlds New and Worlds Hinted At.

The new world Khrysalis is now available on the test realm.  Well part one is anyway apparently the end of Morganthe is of such epic proportions it had to be split in two!  Many great blog posts have already being dedicated to this subject but if you want to read on the update notes from Professor Greyrose are here.
It actually got me thinking of the many worlds hinted at ( perhaps we will encounter them later ) as you make your way through the Spiral.

Gobbler World
Firstly there is the world of those hygienically challenged green guys the gobblers.  Merle lets them stay in Colossus Boulevard after they plead to stay as they can't go home.  I believe its implied they would be in danger if they did.  Merle being as altruistic as ever,  lets them stay of course.
I'm not sure what challenges or themes the world of the Gobblers would bring,  lands of ice and gluttony ? Perhaps learning a soap and toothpaste attack spell would set you in good stead?

Do you like cake, I love cake!

 The Kroks where did they come from?
The Kroks they have a long history with the Manders, enslaving them,  then re-enslaving them.  Its implied the Manders were the original race of Krokotopia,  the the Kroks arrived and took over as the dominant race.  Perhaps Krokotopia wasn't even always called that,  it probably wasn't if the Kroks were later arrivals.  Where did those Kroks come from?  It's interesting to think that in real life crocodiles in some form lived alongside the dinosaurs,  maybe in the world of Wizard 101 the Kroks are descendants of the world Azteca lost in space and time.

Tell me you have the crafting ingrediants for a good moisturiser!

The Dogs, Law and Order of the Spiral?
Then you've got all those crazy canines from Marylebone.  The main inhabitants of Marylbone appear to be cats, rats, frogs and the occasional mechanical monster.  If you look at the combatants,  you'll be up against all of those.  Yet you fight no dogs!  The dogs of this world appear to make up the law enforcement and administration departments.  ( So basically they are in charge )  They seem to love exploring you can find them in Krokotopia and Celestia.  Plus there's that nod to Dr Who,  with the professor character ( Does that imply the dogs have access to both time and space travel? )  It would be interesting if the dogs similar to the Kroks were not the natural inhabitants of Marylebone ,  that they were an alien race to that world but ruled it benevolently unlike the Kroks.  OK this train of thought is probably a big what if on my part.  

So do you actually hail from Marylebone, or are you part of a secret police force of the Spiral?

Then four are the worlds directly mentioned  in Wysteria.  Mirage Weirwood, Yago and  Empyria.  It will be interesting to if any of these places are ever mentioned again.

These are just a few of the worlds hinted at,  OK some have pretty direct hints and others are probably me making a mountain out of a molehill.

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