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Wildroot, likes plants! Duh!

Continuing with my boss farming.  After farming Skathi I decided to farm another Grizzleheim boss,  from Savarstaad pass,  Wildroot.
Wildroot is a life boss with 1000 health,  he forms part of the fall tree bowers questline.  Outside of his cave you can occasionally find the reagent ore.  There is also a yardbird located not far from his cave,  by a large hollow log loacted on the path from swiftbranch.
After farming Skathi and getting zero furniture drops but quite a diverse selection of seeds including Couch potatoes ( despite her wiki page saying she dropped fish bones ).  I wanted to find out if wildroots drops would be in a similar vein.  And well they were, I received a grand  zero in terms of furniture but plenty of seeds and yes the desirable couch potatoes seed drop.
Wildroots most common drops were the reagent leather straps and the Cowl of retribution.

Wildroot about to strike!
Couch Potatoes Drop

Coach potatoes and the plant purifier badge :)

 Cowl of Retribution
One of the most common drops!

A quick summary of wildroots drops follows.

For those who want to know every item Wildroot dropped and how many times, the data is below;

Cowl of retribution - 20
Frostweavers hood - 10
Hallowed hood - 1
Ice raiders hat - 3
Cap of dread - 2

Smoke jumpers - 13
Footguards of the disciple - 2
Boots of reflexive might - 1

Glacial longcoat - 1
Fireshroud tunic - 14
Tunic of atarxia - 2
Robe of the life aria - 15
Thanatoid vestment - 1
Vestment of serenity - 1
Rainment of the lifespring - 1
Mystifying rainment - 1
Drape of the white squall - 1

Wyrdrazor - 16
Bodkin of fury - 1

Jewel of liveliness - 12
Seal of the tundra - 3

Pet Snacks
Mooshu broccoli - 3
Tasty biscuit - 3
Flaming carrot - 5
Wild strawberry - 2
Meat soup - 4
Moon pie - 2
Tiny pretzel - 2
Taffy - 4
Orange jalapeno - 4
Dragon fruit - 1

Boomshroom - 2
Honeysickle - 2
Desparagus - 2
Stinkweed - 2
Couch potatoes - 1

Treasure cards 
Troll - 1
Lightening bats - 1
Ghoul - 1
Fire elf - 1

leather straps - 20

After 100 combat events, its still too few fights to say that this is a definitive list of every item dropped by Wildroot or to ascertain an overall percentage for the drop rate of an item. However, I think it definitely highlights what you are likely to get as well as a few more choice items you may want to work at getting.  ( Just remember the guys at wizard can add and remove items from the game )
If you really want to go into the 100 battle drops any further I have the fight number and tally of items received below;

  1. Cowl of retribution, wild strawberry
  2. Cowl of retribution.
  3. Fireshroud tunic
  4. Frostweavers hood,  hallowed hood.
  5. Meat soup, fireshroud tunic, tunic of atarxia, leather straps
  6. Meat soup,  Jewel of liveliness
  7. Cowl of retribution.
  8. Lightening bats TC, smoke jumpers, leather straps.
  9. Wyrdrazor
  10. Moon Pie, cowl of retribution.
  11. Jewel of liveliness.
  12. Fireshroud tunic, leather straps.
  13. Cowl of retribution.
  14. Smoke jumpers
  15. Boomshroom, wyrdrazor, leather straps
  16. Frostweavers hood.
  17. Robe of the life aria, tiny pretzel
  18. Smoke jumpers, taffy
  19. Robe of the life aria, orange jalapeno
  20. Thanatoid vestment, robe of the life aria
  21. Jewel of liveliness, honeysickle
  22. Wyrdrazor, ghoul TC
  23. Jewel of liveliness, taffy
  24. Tunic of atarxia,  jewel of liveliness
  25. Cowl of retribution
  26. Cowl of retribution
  27. Smoke jumpers
  28. Ice raiders hat,  wyrdrazor
  29. Jewel of liveliness, leather straps
  30. Cowl of retribution
  31. Meat soup, frostweavers hood, leather straps
  32. Smoke jumpers
  33. Fireshroud tunic, cap of dread, desparagus
  34. Footguards of the disciple, robe of the life aria
  35. Robe of the life aria, leather straps, leather straps
  36. Cowl of retribution, boomshroom, jewel of liveliness
  37. Orange jalapeno, vestment of serenity
  38. Fieshroud tunic
  39. Frostweavers hood
  40. Wyrdrazor
  41. Wyrdrazor, leather straps
  42. Ice raiders hat, wyrdrazor
  43. Robe of the life aria
  44. Cowl of retribution, leather straps
  45. Moon pie, cowl of retribution
  46. Robe of the life aria, boots of reflexive might
  47. Frostweavers hood, leather straps
  48. Jewel of liveliness, dragon fruit, seal of the tundra
  49. Rainment of the lifespring, smoke jumpers, leather straps
  50. Smoke jumpers
  51. Meat soup, fireshroud tunic
  52. Wyrdrazor, orange jalapeno
  53. Fireshroud tunic, stinkweed, orange jalapeno
  54. Frostweavers hood, fire elf TC
  55. Seal of the tundra,  robe of the life aria
  56. Frostweavers hood, flaming carrot
  57. Jewel of liveliness
  58. Wyrdrazor
  59. Cowl of retribution
  60. Tasty biscuit, cowl of retribution
  61. Mystifying rainment, robe of the life aria
  62. cowl of retribution
  63. robe of the life aria
  64. fireshroud tunic
  65. Fireshroud tunic
  66. Fireshroud tunic, leather straps
  67. Wild strawberry, tasty biscuit, jewel of liveliness
  68.  Troll TC, leather straps,  robe of the life aria
  69. Fireshroud tunic,  mooshu broccoli,  leather straps
  70. Jewel of liveliness, stinkweed
  71. leather straps, smoke jumpers, mooshu broccoli
  72. jewel of liveliness
  73. cowl of retribution
  74. leather straps,  robe of the life aria, leather straps
  75. wyrdrazor
  76. Fireshroud tunic, orange jalapeno
  77. Smoke jumpers, taffy, leather straps
  78. Frostweavers hood.
  79. Fireshroud tunic,  seal of the tundra, tasty biscuit
  80. Smoke jumpers
  81. Cowl of retribution.
  82. Footguards of the disciple,  wyrdrazor,  flaming carrot.
  83. Cowl of retribution, glacial long coat
  84. Robe of the life aria, flaming carrot, honeysickle
  85. Robe of the life aria
  86. Cowl of retribution
  87. Cowl of retribution, tiny pretzel
  88. Bodkin of fury, couch potatoes,searing knife
  89. Robe of the life aria
  90. Smoke jumpers, ice raiders hat
  91. Wyrdrazor, cap of dread
  92. Cowl of retribution, leather straps
  93. wyrdrazor, flaming carrot
  94. Drape of the white squall,  wyrdrazor
  95. Desparagus, smoke jumpers
  96. Smoke jumpers, taffy
  97. Wyrdrazor
  98. Frostweavers hood
  99. Fireshroud tunic
  100. Frostweavers hood,  mooshu broccoli

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