Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Halloween has finally reached the spiral! Yaaay

Well its was sad to see the end of Wizards 5th birthday celebrations.  It was great fun,  while it lasted!  But yay finally its here,  Halloween has reached the spiral.  OK well it was there earlier,  but the halloween release has been put back slightly to the 2nd.  If you were involved last year all the old favourites are back,   Jack Hallow, Baron Mordecai and the three towers.  Plus if you are above level 13 Dworgyn,  inside the death school in sunken city has a quest for you promising to answer ' some questions ' about the mysterious doorway in the haunted cave!

Wizard101 Death Professor' I hopes you come see me,  or I'll come see you on Halloween" !!!!!

Well my wizards are off to see what spooky things can be discovered and they are hoping to pull off the ultimate Halloween themed pimp my wizard mansion after I have done some serious boss farming. 

Dworgyn handing out his invitation to Nightside.

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