Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Ok TOTALLY loving the presents, A free Dino Mount!

You have probably noticed the many presents dotted about the spiral,  in honour of Wizards 5th Birthday and may have opened a few.  I know I have,  usually getting either spells or pet snacks.  I had noticed the odd online murmur that some presents contained pets and other desirable items but had no true evidence.  That was until today,  I am really pleased yes I know its only for 7 days but I received a mount today,  the  Ankylosaurus. 
Open your presents and you could get lucky!
 I am not sure how many presents I actually opened before receiving this, honestly it wasn't that many. I had just gone past some!  I will be opening a lot more now.  The presents appear in all realms in all worlds,  they also re-spawn/reappear.  For those of you interested in a dedicated farming of presents some very generous folks have been using their time to put together maps of where the presents are likely to appear.   Good luck everyone!

The gift Ankylosaurus stats.

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