Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Pet Addiction Continued...Pet Drops In Krokotopia.

And so continues my journey around wizard 101, trying to collect every pet dropped by the bosses. Good news, Krokotopia is an excellent place to pick up pets from boss drops. Most of the Krokotopia bosses drop the pets at quite a high frequency. ( Comparing it to the frequency that the bosses drop pets in Wizard City, you are three or four times more likely to get a pet from a boss drop in Krokotopia ). The only drawback to farming for pets in Krokotopia is that the bosses who drop the pets are usually dungeon bosses, so it may take awhile to reach them.

Pets Dropped By Bosses - In Krokotopia.
  • Prince Manu Narini- In The Throne Room Of Fire - Drops a Fire Salamander. Prince Manu Narini is a part of a dungeon quest during which you must complete the Serpent Staff, the good news is the boss at the end of this dungeon also drops a pet. It took twelve attempts to get my first fire salamander. I went on to complete the whole dungeon quest a total of twenty five times and ended up with two fire salamanders, so a one in twelve chance appears to be a pretty good indication of your likelihood of picking up the fire Salamander pet.

  • Krokenkahmen- In The Throne Room Of Fire – Drops a Inferno Cat. It took twenty five attempts before he dropped the inferno cat. Krokenkahmen is a wandering boss at the end of the serpent quest so you have to find him before you can fight him. Krokenkahmen has a very good mix of clothing and furniture drops as well as the inferno cat.

  • Crypt Scavenger - In the Djeserit Family Tomb - Drops a Fang Bat. ( Also rumoured to be dropped by Krokopatra ). Quite an easy pet drop for me, it only took about eleven fights before he dropped the Fang Bat.

  • King Shemet Djeserit- In The Djeserit Family Tomb- Drops a Yellow Ghost. OK, well you know how I said the bosses dropped pets at quite a high frequency in Krokotopia, King Shemet Djeserit proved to be the exception to the rule. Just over three hundred fights it took Captain Selfish to drop that yellow ghost. I even began to believe it didn't exist, that it had been discontinued as a pet. Now it could be that I was just really really unlucky with this boss, or the yellow ghost is a very very rare pet.  
  • King Uro Ahnic - In Ahnic Family Tomb - Drops a Life Banshee Well, it happens rarely, but he dropped it on the first fight. Yay for me.
  • Prince Suten Sokkwi - In the Emperors retreat - Drops a Ghoul. Again a very easy pet drop, it only took eight fights. He also drops a spell deck. ( The Pharaohs deck ).

  • Krokhotep – In The Emperors Retreat - Drops a Arctic Serpent. Only Took five attempts, you have to defeat the Sokkwi keymaster first. 

  • The Keeper Of The Fang – The Vault Of Ice – Drops a Krokomummy pet. It took only eight attempts to receive the Krokomummy. The keeper of the fang is the last boss at the end of a dungeon, where you must defeat all the other bosses after each boss is defeated you will be given a puzzle to complete. After completing each rooms puzzle a lock of the final chamber breaks. You have three bosses to beat/puzzles to solve. Two of the puzzles involve lighting obelisks in the correct order, one involves setting the braziers to their correct colour. After the puzzles are solved you will be given access to the room where the Keeper of the Fang resides. She is not a difficult boss to beat, the only annoying thing about farming this boss is I can find no shortcut to the dungeon. All the bosses have to be beaten and the puzzles solved before you are able to fight her. I managed to get the entire dungeon down to about eighteen minutes, which I guess is not that bad. If anyone is aware of a shortcut let me know and I'll pass it on.

  • Kiwu – Karanahn Barracks – Drops a Mander pet. It took fifteen attempts to receive the Mander pet. Kiwu is part of a quest you you have to put a sleeping draft in the guards food. He is a boss that does re-spawn, so after fighting him he will reappear eventually. This does take a while with Kiwu and sometimes you may find yourself arriving at his room to find him not there. Don't worry, just be patient wait closely by, he will eventually appear.
  • Prince Aka Karanahn – Karanahn Barracks. Drops a storm Salamander. I managed to get this Salamander on only my second go. To reach this boss you have to journey through a dungeon defeating three other Kroks before you are given access to the Prince's room.
  • Krokopatra – The Temple Of Storms – Drops a Life Troll. It only took six attempts until she dropped the life troll. Krokopatra is the last big boss in Krokotopia and she is at the end of a long dungeon, where you will have puzzles to solve, bosses to beat and tons of minions to avoid. The good news is that she does re-spawn, so you do not have to complete the whole dungeon over and over again. However, she does not re-spawn all the time. I am not sure of what her re-spawning rules are exactly , or whether there is a glitch in the system letting this happen. The one sure fire way I found to cause a re-spawn was to defeat Krokopatra first, leaving the minion until last. Krokopatra should then re-spawn at the end of the fight. A word of warning, she re-spawns really quickly so be ready or you may be dragged into the next fight unprepared. 
Pets yet to get - Kroktopia
  • Serket Guardian – The tomb of the Beguiler – Drops a Green Cat Thug. The Serket Guardian is a dungeon boss and the tomb of the beguiler is a long, long dungeon. So how do I know he definitely drops a Green Cat Thug and its not just a rumoured pet drop, if I havn't got one yet. My wizard pal I was farming this dungeon with picked up two of these before I lost heart. I have not given up on this pet yet and will one day get my cute Green Cat Thug.
  • Ngozi The Beguiler – The Tomb Of The Beguiler – Rumoured to drop an Inferno Salamander. I have not received this pet yet, will keep on trying for him and keep you posted of my progress.

Again on a side note this is only my experience with these bosses and the rate they drop pets. It does seem to mainly come down to luck. However, the bosses do drop these pets so it is worth persevering.