Saturday, 2 June 2012

Free pet snacks and Pet A Palooza

Sorry for being away for so long guys. Anyway apart from the coming of Pirate 101 the most current wizard 101 news appears to be the return of Pet A Palooza, with up to 50% off pets and just over a week of free pet snacks - yep free snacks! Log on to the wizard 101 website each day to claim yours! The blurb from the Wizard 101 is shown below.

From now until Sunday, June 10th we are celebrating Pet-a-Palooza in the Spiral! You can save Up to 50% OFF the Crowns prices for your favorite Wizard101 pets - plus much more.
  • New pets coming to the Spiral! 
  • The return of The Red Gobbler and Pale Maiden pets 
  • The Evil Sandman pet is coming back for the summer 
  • Snack Packs & Mega Snack Packs on sale 
  • Get a free Pet Snack with a chance to win a Mega Snack Pack! 
  • Win great pet prizes from our amazing fansites! 

 A Free Pet Snack Every Weekday! Check back to the Pet-a-Palooza page during the sale for a free Pet Snack every weekday! Each weekday will have a new pet snack giveaway, and you even have a chance at winning a Mega Snack Pack for your pets.

Well I logged on today which is the 2nd and still picked up the frosted drakes, it appears that you may be able to pick up a pet snack daily but the snacks themselves  may not alternate daily.   Still I'm very pleased as frosted drakes is one of the snacks my snowball pet loves. 
Anyway if you fancy parting with some crowns and are pet mad this may be the week for your wizard to go on a shopping expedition to the crown shop. 

 Yes i finally managed to get a snowball pet,  after several unsuccessful pet hatches where I received the same pet back.  Here's hoping for some great talents to manifest as this is a very mixed pedigree pet.  As long as he doesn't manifest the dreaded taunt things should be fine.  At teen he has manifested pip o plenty,  so far not too bad.

Thanks for reading guys and good luck with all your wizard and pet questing.