Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I Wanna Foo Dog - The Kirins Hoard Pack

Realising that the little niggling voice at the back of my mind wasn't going to shut up about how great those Foo Dogs looked I finally relented and bought some Kirins Hoard packs.  ( well when I say some I mean a lot of Kirins Hoard packs ).  Now I don't know if its just me having a bit of good luck,   but those packs were loaded with pets.  Not all Foo Dogs Sadly.  I ended up with  Goat monks,  Brown Spiders,  Ninja pigs,  Life ghouls, Yellow ghosts, Yellow Elves and one Foo Dog.  It's a myth one,  or rather an Imperial Foo Dog called Sierra, who gets a cyclops card at baby.

Imperial Foo Dog

The Imperial Foo dogs possible talents are as follows ( The below info is taken from the  Petnome website, )

1   1
2   2
3   3
4   4
5   5
6   6
7   7
9   9

 I haven't trained her yet so and not really sure of her loved pet snacks,  but fingers crossed when I do begin to train her she will manifest some useful talents.  There are six different Foo dogs to collect and I so want some more hopefully I will get lucky with some hatches.  I already have one failed attempt :(  It would have been an ice one.  Anyway back to the Kirins Hoard pack I didn't get a mount but I did get some great new gear.  I love my new look,  no weapons were picked up,  but that Rokugo Helmet well I love it.

Wow, new look for me.
The stats for the outfit are below
I'm not wearing the helmet for the stats it gives me - I just love the look.

The military look is so in.
Yes, I was lucky enough to get both these.

I've thrown in some screen shots of some of the Kirins Hoard packs I picked up below
There's my Foo Dog pick up.

Hmm not the best pack, but did get a Goat Monk pet.

A double pet pick up - not too bad.
To be honest I may buy a few more of these packs.  I really do like those Foo Dogs and the packs do seem to be loaded with pets and I am all about the pets.   Anyway thanks for reading - I'm off to try to find out what my Foo Dog loves snack wise.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Wizard Weekly Giveaway - Foo Dog Pet And Wizard Tag

Just to let you all know Wizard 101 over at Face book have a new epic giveaway a free Foo Dog Pet.  Is all you have to do is attend their event/giveaway.  I have posted the link and blurb below - It's worth a try but hurry as the event closes on Friday. ( I nearly managed to get a Foo dog myself,  but sadly the hatch failed and I got another egg pet back )  Good luck to all who enter.

Attend this Face book event for a chance to receive a coupon for 1 random colour Foo Dog Pet. Pets arrive as eggs that require time to hatch.

All you have to do is click the "Join" button on the Event Page, and Friday afternoon we will randomly choose 15 lucky attendees to receive a coupon for the item.

You don't have to be on line at the time of the event to be eligible, just click "Join" and those randomly chosen to receive the coupon will be sent a Face book Message on Friday.

Apologies for the long break in posts

I did not mean to be absent for so long but work and children have eaten up alot of my time these past few weeks.   I will get my nose back to the grindstone and will get a proper post out very shortly and reply to your comments.

New Wizard Test Realm

Wow interactive housing is now available on the test realm,  ( if you like tag ),  seems like I was only just talking about this.  Hang on I did mention it in my last post - spooky.  Anyways, this game will really, really appeal to my children.
I have pinched some of the blurb from the Update notes ,  you can visit the link for a more in depth explanation.

A new housing object will allow players to play a game of Tag at their Castle or Dorm!

The housing kiosk has a 'Press X to Start the Game' option that will open a window to show you variants of the types of Tag you can play.   ( That's right it seems there are two different types of tag ! )
The game is only active in the interior and exterior of the currently occupied house. Other houses that players can get to using housing teleporters won’t participate in the game.

Important Notes

  1. All types of Tag games will un-mount you for the duration of the game.
  2. All types of purchased and quest transformations will not appear during a Tag game, but the transformation and mount rental timers will continue to countdown for the duration of the game.
  3. You cannot equip a mount or transformation while you are participating in a Tag game.
  4. You cannot teleport to friends who are playing the same Tag game. 
  5.  Players who are participating in housing PvP are exempt from the Tag game until they leave the duel. 
Tag your it, and your a Gobbler.

A couple of things I thinks great about this new ' interactive housing '.  From the description,  it appears more than two people can play the game.  ( It does not mention a maximum number of players ) So if someone has a Sultans Palace or Fantasy Castle there is the potential for some pretty epic games of tag.
If you are on/have been tagged depending on what game you are playing you will either become a gobbler or fire elf,  ( Thats just fun anyway )
The possibility of other future interactive housing items, games is definitely there,  thats what I am looking forward to - bring on my interactive wallpaper.

Thanks for reading.